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  • BNE Bins




    BNE Bins is an Android application for Brisbane residents that makes it easy to remember putting out your garbage. It features built in, free push notification reminders, automatic updating as new data becomes available and also makes it easy to find the nearest waste transfer station, for those...

  • SupportNet




    A discreet cry for help when you need it. SupportNet is a application that allows you to discreetly contact your support network for help. With the click of a button you can alert your support network and reach out for assistance. Ideal for individuals trying to overcome a habit, vice or just...

  • Most Expensive App


    The penultimate in stylistic outcry, this app is the perfect addition to your already extravagant collection of head-turning investments. Featuring a minimalist and self-justifying motif set on a matte background, this application will do little more than stoke the raging fires of your already...

  • The BAC App




    A handy calculator to estimate your current Blood Alcohol Content level. Estimates your current BAC using the Widmark forumla, taking into account your sex, weight, number of drinks and time since you started drinking. A must have for any big night out. Please send any feedback and comments to...

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