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Download Sextant Sextant icon

This fun app lets you use your smartphone or tablet to measure your latitude and longitude, just like using a Sextant like sailors of old. The app displays a simple compass over the camera view to allow you to locate and measure the position of the North Star and sun. The app also incorporates Google Map and Google Sky Map to show you where you m…

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Download SmartScope SmartScope icon

This app uses a smartphone as a smart rifle scope. Easy to use, SmartScope lets you choose from almost 2 dozen different reticles, zoom, save pictures, and even record data. Its easy to zero and adjust the reticle size and position. You can even create and use your own image as a reticle. Great for airsoft. Features include: - Rifle or Pistol…

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Download How-to Chainsaw Carve a Bear How-to Chainsaw Carve a Bear icon
How-to Chainsaw Carve a Bear

This app is an instructional video that demonstrates how to carve a standing bear with a chainsaw in 9 easy steps. Robert Tidwell, a Professional Chainsaw Carver (http://www.knotjustabear.com) demonstrates step-by-step on carving a bear from a log of wood. Video segments are streamed to your Android smartphone or tablet from the internet. You ca…

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Download Webcam Wallpaper Webcam Wallpaper icon
Webcam Wallpaper

This simple app pulls webcam images off the internet to display as your smartphone or tablet's wallpaper. Any live webcam can be used! As the screenshots show, you can watch salmon swimming over the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River in realtime, or watch the beach on Maui, Hawaii. Almost like being there! This app does NOT use Active Wal…

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Download How-To Carve: Simple Bear Head How-To Carve: Simple Bear Head icon
How-To Carve: Simple Bear Head

Learn to Chainsaw Carve this simple bear carving of a Bear Head as he emerges from a log. Basic step-by-step instructions with video by Professional Chainsaw Carver Robert Tidwell makes it easy to start carving. This educational app is the perfect starting instructions to learn to chainsaw carve. Watch the video demonstration over and over to pe…

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Download LongGlass Shooting Spotter LongGlass Shooting Spotter icon
LongGlass Shooting Spotter

This app lets you use your smartphone, tablet, or IP Webcamera as a spotting scope for distance shooting. It has built-in features to "listen" for a shot, then automatically captures a new image of your target and saves it for you with a date and time stamp. Another feature is that each time the app hears a shot, you can have it compare…

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Download Kwikfeesh Kwikfeesh icon

Salmon fishing in the Pacific NorthWest using kwikfish-type fishing lures is fun and exciting. The variety of lure colors and patterns is as diverse as the many fishermen after the fish. This app uses our "scientific algorithm" to help every salmon fisherman select the right color. Just shake your Android phone or tablet, and the…

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Download Chainsaw Carving: Finish Work Chainsaw Carving: Finish Work icon
Chainsaw Carving: Finish Work

This app demonstrates various techniques to use for finishing a chainsaw carving. Images and video will demonstrate sanding, burning, and weatherizing your carving to give it a professional, long-lasting look. Video is based on demonstrations and tips by Professional Chainsaw Carver Robert Tidwell. See his carvings, videos, and other Android App…

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Download TransPhoto TransPhoto icon

The TransPhoto app makes it easy to overlay one digital photograph over another. Touch the photo on any color you want to hide, and quickly transport someone to anywhere else. We designed the app to be simple and fun for our own children to play with. Any color of a photo can be hidden with the touch of a finger, just like the overlay or Chromak…

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Download "DugCollar" Dog Translator "DugCollar" Dog Translator icon
"DugCollar" Dog Translator

This app lets your pet use a smartphone to translate barks into speech! Simple to use, the app listens for a bark, then plays various 'translations' into human speech. Lots of fun, especially for the kids, though we can't verify the 'translation' is accurate. Basic options allow you to change the display picture, adjust the s…

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