• URL Zkracovač pro Twicca

    URL Zkracovač pro Twicca




    ▌INFORMACE: Jednoduchý plug-in pro Twitter klienta Twicca. Umožňuje zkracování URL adres prostřednictvím služeb www.jdem.cz a www.chod.sk. ▌POUŽITÍ: 1) Twicca -> Settings -> Plug-in settings -> Tweet Edit Plug-in -> URL Zkracovač pro Twicca 2) Vyberte službu, přes kterou chcete...

  • Text widget (donate)

    Text widget (donate)




    ▌BASIC INFO: Very simple minimalistic widget, which displays any text on your Android home screen. It allows multiple instances of the widget and has wide possibilities of settings. This version also includes Tasker / Locale plug-in, which becomes even more powerful tool than ever....

  • Days widget (donate)

    Days widget (donate)




    ▌BASIC INFO: Simple minimalistic widget displaying days of week on your Android homescreen. Many options/settings to choose from. This version is "donate" version. Translated into many languages: english, czech (čeština), french (français), spanish (español), german (deutsch),...

  • Text widget

    Text widget




    DONATE VERSION is also available in the market. It enables multiple widget instances, Tasker/Locale plug-in and much more. Enjoy :-) Very simple yet powerful Android widget application which displays text string that you define. Widget is localized in English and Czech (čeština).

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