Tanem Apps

  • Egg Breaking




    By shaking, You can break the egg. In the state the egg is cracked, By Touching, You can open the egg. In the state the egg is not cracked, When you touch, The egg turn around to the touched direction. Occasionally, something another that is not yolk comes out...?! Tag: Egg

  • Conan's Voice Changer




    This is a Voice Changer app. Using this app, You can change your voice like the Detective Conan.               Tag:Bow tie,Voice Changer,Conan,Detective  

  • Logo Creator




    You can generate various Logos. ①Please choose Logo appearance.  ・Twitter  ・Google  ・Yahoo  ・Cola  ・AKB48  ・NARUTO  ・Harry Potter  ・STAR WARS ②Please input charactors. ③Pushing CREATE button, You can create Logo.  ・You can upload the Logo to Twitter or other sites.  ・You can save the Logo to...

  • せやな




    話を聞き流したい時、あいづちがめんどい時・・・あなたの代わりに「せやな!」って言ってくれます。               そんだけ。 Tag:せやなアプリ,せやな,せ やな,せや な,せ や な

  • DBZ Teleportation Ability




    Using this Application , you will be able to use the teleportation ability like Son-Goku. Tag:DRAGON BALL , DB

  • JingleBells




    JingleBells Music. recommend for age 3 and under, Tag: Xmas , Christmas

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