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  • tAQUA360




    美しい海中の探索を体験できるVRアプリです。 ■360°の美しい映像であなたを癒します サメやイルカなどの魚たちが自由に泳いでいるのを、目の前で見ているかのような体験ができます。 ■使用方法はとてもかんたん アプリケーションを起動し、side-by-sideの画面になったら 「タオバイザー」や「Google CardBoard」などのスマホ用VRゴーグルに、 Android端末を装着し覗き込んでください。 ■酔わないVRコンテンツ イベントなどでスマホVRのデモをおこなうと「酔いやすいから…」と体験をして頂けないことがあり、...

  • tFakeCall




    Have you ever thought you would like to escape from a boring meeting, tedious conversation or party? Using tFakeCall, It is possible to behaves as if you received a telephone call when you tap on your Android Wear. Once you have that convenience, you can slip out from the situation without being...

  • Tao360 - ENJOY!! RICOH THETA




    You can look Photospheres and watch Moviespheres which you took them using RICOH THETA. Simple Privacy Policy This application does not use internet permission (connect to outside data) Application does not show any advertisement. For further information, please check...

  • UV天気 - 今日の天気や紫外線を「なちゅ親父」が、がはは!




    紫外線は肌にダメージを与えます。 UV天気は毎日の紫外線(UV)の強さや今日の天気、週間天気を、きもかわキャラの「なちゅ親父」が教えてくれます。 お出かけ前や外出時にアプリを起動してチェックすることで、今いる場所や設定している場所の紫外線(UV)の強さが簡単にわかります。 アプリを起動するたびに色々な言葉を発してあなたを魅了します。 更に更に!!毎月お得な情報もこそっと教えてくれるかも知れません。 ※「なちゅ親父」が話す内容は随時追加されます。 天気更新:毎日7:00 / 13:00 / 19:00 紫外線更新:毎日8:00 / 20:00...

  • TaoVisor 3D App Launcher




    Along with TaoVisor, Home Application, you can use Taovisor easily and enjoyably. You can also use it for Google cardboard and other 3D goggles Features of TaoVisor 1. Contents of samples To use TaoVisor, you need some contents. It is quite hard to find right contents to start with. So...

  • tPacketCapture




    tPacketCapture does packet capturing without using any root permissions. tPacketCapture uses VpnService provided by Android OS. Captured data are saved as a PCAP file format in the external storage. If you want a more detailed analysis, please transfer the file to your PC and use the software...

  • tPacketCapture Pro




    tPacketCapture Pro does packet capturing without using any root permissions. tPacketCapture Pro uses VpnService provided by Android OS. Captured data are saved as a PCAP file format in the external storage. ★ Differences between Normal and Pro Version ★ Pro Version include an Application...

  • tDpiInfo




    Recommended OS : Android OS 1.6 or later 「tDpiInfo」is a developer tool that can confirm Dpi information etc. on the Android terminal. If this is installed, any pixel density of the device is understood.(xxxhdpi, xxhdpi, xhdpi, hdpi, tvdpi, mdpi, ldpi) The icon changes depending on the density...

  • tAkibaWalk side-by-side app




    It is an application that walk the streets of Akihabara in Japan. This is a sample application of the map data of the front ZENRIN, Inc.. Best used with Durovis Dive, OpenDive ,CardBoard,TaoVisor.

  • tHotline




    Recommended OS : Android OS 1.5 or later "tHotline" switches off manner mode from a registered phone number's incoming call after setting period time for call notification. -A Baby is going to be born any minute now!

  • tSpyChecker




    Recommended OS : Android 1.6 or later tSpyChecker gives help to detecting spyware. The Android cell-phone has different security policy from the conventional cell-phone. Conventional cell-phones are secured by carrier and hard maker.          But in android phones, users can install apps...

  • 3D Break the Bricks Artemis




    It is the game which combined "3D Break the Bricks" and "squash" and still more beautiful graphics and sound united. Enjoy exhilarating world. Please to enjoy a new sense can not experience in other 3D Break the Bricks. [ Arcade Mode ] In this mode, you can play all 10...

  • tDigitalClock




    Recommended OS : Android OS 2.2 or later 'tDigitalClock' is a full screen digital clock application. This digital clock is available with many environments such as Smart phones and Tablet devices. Version 2.1.3 * Bug fixes of alarm and background setting, etc.

  • tPackageExplorer




    "tPackageExplorer" is the application which checks the resource information on Android application. The tool "Hierachy Viewer" is prepared for AndroidSDK. In this tool, the screen layout of the application installed in the terminal can be checked. tPackageExplorer is the...

  • tPodcast Lite




    Recommended OS : Android OS 1.5 or later tPodcast is the software that plays audio and video from podcast. Features -Video and audio podcasts are supported -Needs no PC. Download and play podcast media files on the android phone only. -Automatically check for sites is supported -You can add...

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