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Download tCalendarWidget tCalendarWidget icon

Recommended OS : Android OS 1.6 or later tCalendarWidget displays a today's date on the home screen. This icon's date is changed every day. tCalendarWidget is a AppWidget application supported by Android OS 1.5 (cupcake). http://www.taosoftware.co.jp/en/android/calendarwidget/

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Download tAttachApkInstaller tAttachApkInstaller icon

Recommended OS : Android OS 1.6 or later "tAttachApkInstaller" is software that enables the installation of the software attached to Gmail. This software doesn't display the icon on the home. When the preview button of the APK file is pushed on the Gmail, it starts. http://www.taosoftware.co.jp/en/android/attachapkinstaller/

Free 1.4K 9.2

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Download tCallBlocking Lite tCallBlocking Lite icon
tCallBlocking Lite

Recommended OS : Android OS 1.5 or later "tCallBlocking Lite" is an application hangs up calls from unknown and registered phone number (Max 3 targets can be registered) automatically. Full(Paid) version is released. Please search a "tCallBlocking".

Free 1.2K 8.2

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Download tPacketCapture tPacketCapture icon

tPacketCapture does packet capturing without using any root permissions. tPacketCapture uses VpnService provided by Android OS. Captured data are saved as a PCAP file format in the external storage. If you want a more detailed analysis, please transfer the file to your PC and use the software handles PCAP format(such as Wireshark). ★ Differences…

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Download tWareki tWareki icon

Recommended OS : Android OS 1.1 or later This is software that converts the Japanese era (Wareki) to the Gregorian calendar year. The Japanese era calendar scheme is a common calendar scheme used in Japan, which identifies a year by the combination of the Japanese era name. Please refer to the wikipedia pages for details. http://www.taosoftware.…

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Download tCalendar tCalendar icon

Recommended OS : Android OS 1.1 or later "tCalendar" displays a date calendar icon on the home screen. tCalendar is an application that displays a calendar icon with today's date. This icon's date is changed every day. -V1.0.2 Support Android OS 1.5. -V1.0.3 Support Android OS 1.6. http://www.taosoftware.co.jp/en/android/cale…

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Download tAmbourine tAmbourine icon

Recommended OS : Android OS 1.6 or later The "tAmbourine" is application to enjoy the tambourine of the musical instrument.Join your child! A sound to beat a tambourine when tap a screen. The ting-a-ling of the tambourine sounds when perform a shake of a device.

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Download tDigitalClock tDigitalClock icon

Recommended OS : Android OS 2.2 or later 'tDigitalClock' is a full screen digital clock application. This digital clock is available with many environments such as Smart phones and Tablet devices. Version 2.1.3 * Bug fixes of alarm and background setting, etc.

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Download 3D Break the Bricks Artemis 3D Break the Bricks Artemis icon
3D Break the Bricks Artemis

It is the game which combined "3D Break the Bricks" and "squash" and still more beautiful graphics and sound united. Enjoy exhilarating world. Please to enjoy a new sense can not experience in other 3D Break the Bricks. [ Arcade Mode ] In this mode, you can play all 10 colorful stages. Acrobatic action of Artemis charming. Co…

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Download tRSSReader tRSSReader icon

Recommended OS : Android OS 1.6 or later 「tRSSReader」 is able to display RSS and Atom news feed for Android Platform. Support offline. Update Feeds -Manually Update -Update at User Configuration Timer (low priority) http://www.taosoftware.co.jp/en/android/rssreader/

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