• Wolf Attack 3D




    **Play as a large angry wolf and hunt to satisfy your hunger** Get ready for the kill!! The city is your playground. Explore the area and look for prey to feast on. You are an angry and vicious wolf looking to slaughter anyone who comes within your sight. Close in for the kill and ATTACK! The...

  • Road Truck Parking Madness 3D




    ** Big trucks are back, drive and park them at their designated destinations ** All you truckers out there! Get ready for extreme parking missions! Take the road truck parking challenge and show your skills as a true truck driver! Drive your massive road truck through realistic surroundings and...

  • Bike Ride and Park Game




    **Ride the bike over and around the obstacles to the parking spot** Roadies! Get ready for the ride of your life! Get on to your motorcycle and fly through the free roads. Cross all the mega obstacles on the road and take your bike to the parking spot.Ride on the roads to school. Bounce your...

  • Garbage Trucker Recycling Sim




    ** Collect the trash and drop it at the recycling plant** Clean up the city and make your home healthy and beautiful. Sit behind the wheel of a garbage truck and drive around the city keeping things fresh. If you are a fan of driving massive vehicles here is an amazing opportunity for you to...

  • Village Farmer Simulator 3D




    ** Envy the life of Village Farmer or just want to try harvesting? Then this game is right for you! ** Village Farmer Simulator 3D will let you play as a village farmer. You’ll get to drive all the farm vehicles and look after your crops on the field. You have ploughed the seeds and the crops...

  • Horse Show Jump Simulator 3D




    ** Jump your horses over the hurdles and demonstrate your superior riding abilities** Saddle up your horses!! It’s time for some epic show jumping challenges! Break into a gallop and jump over the hurdles. This game provides a number of challenging obstacles to cross. Let’s see how well you can...

  • Police Arrest Simulator 3D




    ** Play as a cop and protect the city from crime** Five-oh! Here come the police. BEWARE criminals! The COPS are out to get you. In this free game you have a chance to be the cop. Play as a policeman and reach the crime locations on time to arrest the criminals! Stop the ongoing fights and...

  • 4x4 Extreme Jeep Driving 3D




    ** Experience the most daring drive on the Planet! ** Love thrill, adventure and have a taste of danger? You are in for a TREAT! Enjoy this bumpy ride with 4x4 Extreme Jeep 3D. All you speed junkies out there! Get ready for the adventure! Step into the wild! Feel the rush! Escape the obstacles...

  • SkyBalance by Nik Wallenda




    SkyBalance by Nik Wallenda puts the legendary high wire artist’s fate in your hands! Battle birds, wind gusts, helicopters and finger-tapping fatigue to stay balanced in this officially-licensed game supporting Nik’s death-defying, November 2 tightrope walk above downtown Chicago. The sky’s...

  • Space Moon Rover Simulator 3D




    **Ever wonder how it feels to drive on the Moon? Well its time to explore and drive on its rocky surface** Experience the excitement of landing on the moon! Lower gravity means double the fun! This free game provides you with the ability to travel around the moon. Explore the rugged and dusty...

  • Lion Hunting Safari 3D




    Get hold of your best hunting rifle! Taking down the king of jungle would not be a child’s play. So pull together all your courage for the hunt! It is a hunter’s DREAM to kill the mighty lion. For centuries, hunters have been glorified for standing against a lion. Now it’s your turn to grab the...

  • Swamp Crocodile Simulator 3D




    Open up your rippling eyes! It’s time for a bloodthirsty HUNT! You are a vicious crocodile in search for a delicious feast. Search around the swamps and woodlands for your prey! Step into the scaly skin of one of the most dangerous predators! Attack your prey and satiate your hunger! See the...

  • Construction Trucker 3D Sim




    ** Big Trucks got just bigger with our new Construction Trucks ** Tighten your seat belt! It’s time to have some fun with this gigantic construction truck driving simulator. Be ready for the joy! Drive monster construction truck and test your driving skills. Dump the material into the truck and...

  • Monster Mummy Attack 3D




    You have entered into ancient Egypt and its under the Pharaohs rule. The Egyptian Gods have cursed the land where the dead now walks freely. You will have to fend off the attack of the Mummies who reflect the undead remains of the mighty kings and gods. But the Mummies are monstrous and blood...

  • 4x4 Monster Truck Stunts 3D




    Enter into the arena for a Monster Truck Stunting Bash! Monster Trucking Adventure will give you the kind of adrenaline rush that comes with driving mega rugged trucks on a racing course. With wild race tracks, huge jumps and crazy obstacles, pull off awesome stunts. Be a DAREDEVIL! Be a...

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