• Speed Car Escape 3D




    What is Speed Car Escape 3D all about? Love driving and action packed games? In this latest thrill driving game you will find both! You are trapped in a dangerous maze full of destructive obstacles and deadly paths! Race through the hurdles! Escape the portcullis, jump through fiery paths! Fight...

  • Crazy Cat vs. Mouse 3D




    What is Crazy Cat vs. Mouse all about? We all love the playful cat and mouse combat tales! Now enjoy it with a new twist! Play as the cat and give the mice a hard time. Scruffy mice have infested the house! They are running around the house like crazy! Get ready to chase them all out! Enjoy the...

  • Angry Shark Simulator 3D




    ** Don't mess with the sharks ** For the first time, YOU get to be on the evil side, become a vicious blood thirsty SHARK. With all its terror, spread chaos on a beach full of innocent people. There is nothing more exhilarating than getting to play as a shark and eating everything in your...

  • Bus Driver 3D




    Get set for another round of an exciting bus driving simulation game, this time with more fun and action packed gameplay. The passengers are waiting, SO HURRY UP! Be on time and park at the bus stop, pick up the passengers and drop them off at the destination. Experience gorgeous graphics and...

  • Angry Bear Attack 3D




    ** Bring out the wild savage bear inside you and go hunt** Winter is fast approaching and the bears are looking for food to keep it warm and also alive. The wild burly bear has entered the city. Move and Attack, this game is to hunt the tasty furry prey. You think he is cute and innocent, well...

  • Life of Dino 2015




    **Play as a ferocious dinosaur and kill to earn points** Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic age! Play as a Huge, monstrous Dino and destroy the town full of humans and animals. The town was your homeland occupied in modern times! Wander around and destructing whatever comes in your way. Dino...

  • Crocodile Simulator 3D




    Swim and Crawl! Hunt and Attack! Play as a huge crocodile and learn the fun of devouring your prey. With an appetite as big as the size of this water beast, you can hunt and eat anything. See the world as a giant angry crocodile that is hunting for food and will attack anything that it sets its...

  • Modern Taxi Driving 3D




    What is Modern Taxi Driving 3D all about? Are you a fan of high speed driving? Does the thought of flying your ride gives you thrill? Than fasten your seat belts! And experience the wildest driving adventure! This game is all about racing around the town to complete cab driving missions. Get...

  • Furious Car Driver 3D




    What is Furious Car Driving all about? Shoot off through city streets at a furious burning pace!! Illegal street racing is not illegal anymore! There are NO RULES! No traffic regulation! No police writing you tickets! Just race and enjoy the thrill of driving with freedom! Choose a racing car...

  • Angry Anaconda Attack 3D




    Slither around! Find your preys! And kill! **You are a deadly Anaconda looking to slay your victim in the most pitiless way possible** The Giant Anaconda is looking for food. Beware All: The Scariest predator is in town! Feel the thrill of being a giant killer snake! Silently slither towards...

  • Angry Bull Simulator




    **Take Control of the Bull and Trample the Whole Stadium** Smash and attack as you feel the thrill of being a powerful beast! Run around the stadium creating chaos. You will try to stay free and furious while people are attempting to reign you in. Create as much chaos and damage as possible to...

  • Police Force Smash 3D




    What is Police Force Smash 3D all about? Increasing crime rate and emergence of illegal street racers have posed serious threat to the city. As a cop, you are given the task to smash and kill all those illegal racers committing crime. Be aware the illegal street racing gangsters are pretty...

  • Endless Balance




    Balance your way to glory, as you ascend into the heights of outer space, in a truly out of this world experience! In this sequel to the hit “Balance of the Shaolin,” you’ll play as a range of epic characters, including martial arts masters, a superhero, and even a cosmonaut. Standing at the...

  • City Bike Race Stunts 3D




    What is Bike Racing Stunts all about? Love bike and performing stunts? Great, amaze everyone in your neighborhood with your superior moto racing and driving skills, while performing some of the deadliest stunts. Get into position bike lovers! The wildest ride is about to begin!! Drive your bike...

  • Crazy Car Roof Jumping 3D




    **Get Ready for a Crazy Ride** Drive your racing car around a fantasy city where highways are not necessary. Jump from rooftop to rooftop as you bounce your car around this mysterious terrain. It’s wildly addictive and fun! This game has it all! There are massive jumps, mid-air ramps, outlandish...

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