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Download Dear Diary - Interactive Story Dear Diary - Interactive Story icon
Dear Diary - Interactive Story

Destiny is one tricky thing, isn’t it? What if you could be its master? Meet Anna Blake, a girl who is making her way through highschool, and help her make life changing decisions. Every choice you make will interfere directly in Anna’s fate… And that’s kind of awesome! Sneak peek at Anna’s diary and join her in all the amazing adventures! Rick -…

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Download UFB 2 - Ultra Fighting Bros UFB 2 - Ultra Fighting Bros icon
UFB 2 - Ultra Fighting Bros

The Ultra Fighting Bros have company in UFB 2! Discover the all-new CAREER mode and fight your way in 50 bone-breaking challenges and combats against fighters from all around the world. The greatly improved multiplayer mode is also sure to get you and your friends hooked from the first punch. Step inside the arena, it’s time to fight! CAREER MODE…

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Download UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros icon
UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros

Put your gloves on and step inside the arena because it’s time for the big fight of the night! The Ultra Fighting Bros are ready for a big fighting show! Choose to play the single or multiplayer mode and get ready for some hard-to-beat fun time. Can you win this epic combat? Find out now! HOW TO PLAY Each fight is a best-of-three playoff and fig…

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Download Shark Evolution - Clicker Game Shark Evolution - Clicker Game icon
Shark Evolution - Clicker Game

Feared by many, a force of nature, the obsession of way too many screenwriters in Hollywood… That’s right, you got it: SHARKS! Sharks are the lions of the sea – they’re regal, astute and, above all, carnivores. It might be those big bulging eyes or the lack of a silky mane, but they’re actually waaaay scarier than their terrestrial counterparts.…

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Download My Burger Shop 2 My Burger Shop 2 icon
My Burger Shop 2

It’s lunch time! People are excited to visit your new burger shop and try the delicious hamburgers everyone has been talking about! Check the ingredients and get ready to serve the customers a delightful meal of their favorite sandwich recipes! In My Burger Shop 2 you’ll run the hottest fast food restaurant in town. Manage to serve your clients w…

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Download My Coffee Shop - Coffeehouse My Coffee Shop - Coffeehouse icon
My Coffee Shop - Coffeehouse

Everyone needs a coffee break! Run the best coffee shop in the world by serving your clients with delicious meals and beverages. But you have to be fast, otherwise people might be angry… Manage your time wisely and give your clients a great time! In your coffee shop you will serve hot chocolates, milkshakes, green tea and, obviously, great coffee!…

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Download My Virtual Dog - Pup & Puppies My Virtual Dog - Pup & Puppies icon
My Virtual Dog - Pup & Puppies

All the fun of having a pet on the screen of your phone or tablet! This cute and adorable little puppy is guaranteed fun for children or for the child within you! Give your puppy food if it’s weak. You can buy groceries at the food shop and choose from a range of delicacies, such as carrots, broccoli, apples, lettuce, bones, pet food, water and eve…

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Download My Pizza Shop - Pizzeria Game My Pizza Shop - Pizzeria Game icon
My Pizza Shop - Pizzeria Game

Run the greatest pizza shop in town! From the same creators of the chart-topping game My Sandwich Shop comes My Pizza Shop! The oven is hot and and ready to go, come and play! It’s lunch time! Everyone is starving and willing to stop by your famous restaurant and have one of those famous pizza they have all heard about. Check the ingredients and g…

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Download My Ice Cream Truck My Ice Cream Truck icon
My Ice Cream Truck

Your love for ice cream is so big that you feel like sharing it with everyone around? Well, with My Ice Cream Truck, now you can! Drive your ice cream truck through the sweetest neighborhoods offering more than just refreshing treats, but sugary happiness in cones! The first tools and ingredients available for you to work with might not seem enou…

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Download My Salad Bar - Shop Manager My Salad Bar - Shop Manager icon
My Salad Bar - Shop Manager

It is time to eat healthy! Be a salad bar baster by running your own great salad bar and providing healthy, vegetarian and low fat meal options to your clients! With delicious ingredients, prepare different wraps and salads, with plenty of vegan options, and manage your time to earn money and upgrade your shop! In your salad bar, you will prepare…

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Download Sarah's Secrets Sarah's Secrets icon
Sarah's Secrets

From the creators of Dear Diary comes a new narrative game that will introduce you to Sarah, an ordinary teenage girl with a great love for animals and the endeavor to help the local animal shelter, finding new ways to improve the lives of her beloved stray dogs and cats. You will be able to interfere directly with her fate in every choice you mak…

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Download My Virtual Pet - Cats and Dogs My Virtual Pet - Cats and Dogs icon
My Virtual Pet - Cats and Dogs

All the fun of owning a pet right in your hands! Raise, feed, teach, clean, train, perform numerous tricks and play exciting mini games with your adorable little puppy. My Virtual Pet is a guarantee of fun for the children! The perfect game for children from 4 to 10 years old. Includes educational mini games with positive affirmation to develop yo…

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