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  • 6.5

    Animal Line Crossing - Pets




    Get to your destination and collect the babies along the way

  • 7.0

    Kew Kew - Sky Glider Squirrel




    Help the squirrel glide and and dash

  • Magic Cats Journey - Match-3




    A witch is nothing without her kittens! Join Lumi the Witch in a journey after her lost kitty cats and save them from real dangerous bewitched traps! Magic Cats Journey is the definitive game for lovers of match-3 puzzle games. Start your journey now! WHAT TO DO? The objective of the game is to...

  • Platypus Evolution - Clicker




    Egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter footed mammals... And venomous! Yes, platypus are already odd by nature. What would happen if mutations started happening to them? Find out in Platypus Evolution! From the minds that brought you Cow Evolution and forever changed the way you see...

  • 6.9

    My Cookie Shop - Sweet Store




    Create the perfect cookie and throw the bad ones away

  • 5.0

    Jailbreak! Prison Break Game




    Don't let the criminals escape and be sure not to arrest innocents

  • 7.2

    Hamster Rescue - Arcade Game




    A fun arcade with colorful graphics and smooth controls

  • Cow Evolution - Clicker Game




    Find out what happens to an ordinary cattle when mutations start taking place. Combine cows to evolve them and discover the most curious, exotic and bizarre forms of cows. As evolution continues, zoom out from your farm and explore the continent, the world and BEYOND! Witness first hand the...

  • Soda Rocket - Matching Game




    A juicy adventure awaits you in a fizzy land! A match-3 game has never been so delicious! Connect 3 or more soda cans of the same color to get closer to a sparkling end! Every level comes with the surprise of a different mission to accomplish. You may have to reach a determined score or match...

  • My Boo Album - Sticker Book




    Boo boo, hey you! If you love My Boo, you can’t miss the official sticker album from your favorite pet monster! Earn FREE packets every day and rip them open to find surprise themed stickers that you can stick to your album or even exchange with friends! Each page of your album has its own...

  • Pico Pets - Monster Battle




    Become the greatest monster tamer of all times in Pico Pets! Build your team of monsters and go on an adventure to battle, capture and tame all the wild creatures of a world full of magic and surprises. In a world where people and fantastic creatures live together, only one person is destined to...

  • 7.0

    Cereal Jump - Doodle Game




    East as much cereal as you can and get as high as possible

  • Alien War - Invaders of Space




    It is a time of war. And this time the threat comes neither from other nations' rage or environmental crisis, but from the vast and unknown outer space. The world needs to be saved in order to humanity to continue existing, or these attacking aliens will simply take over and vanish the Earth,...

  • Money Tree - Free Clicker Game




    And who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Start small and grow rich by taking care of your own mythical MONEY TREE -- one aberration of nature that you are totally cool about. Hire gardeners, invest in equipment, fertilizers and power-ups to cultivate your little monster and finally become a...

  • Sherlock's Notebook




    The most famous detective of all times needs your help to crack yet another case. A mysterious notebook was found and Sherlock Holmes himself is calling you to be his helping hand in this case. Will you take his call? Sherlock’s Notebook is a fun and addictive word search game suitable for...

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