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  • Shift Worker Pro




    Shift Worker Pro by TaulApps is the best calendar/planner app for people with an active lifestyle. Whether you work a rotating shift or not, Shift Worker can help simplify your day. Shift Worker automatically generates your rotating work schedule or roster on the calendar. All you need to do is...

  • Shift Worker




    Shift Worker by TaulApps is a calendar app for rotating shift workers. If your schedule repeats, this is the only app you need. Easy to setup and use. Keeps track of appointments and events. Makes it easy to schedule vacations, doctor appointments, dinner dates, etc. See what you are working on...

  • Shift Worker Trial




    Shift Worker 7 day free trial. Fully functional version. You will not lose any data if you upgrade to Shift Worker or Shift Worker Pro! NEW Startup Wizard! (setup is fast). Automatic rotating schedule, continuous scrolling calendar, paydays, holidays, vacation, events/appointments, alarming, 1...

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