TDG software

  • Demerol Roach Arena




    Demerol - Roach Arena is a chanllenge game. With hundreds of levels you can play, you just need to kill the rush roaches with your finger. But as we know, roach is not that easy to catch, it runs very fast, so your finger will be very busy. Lots of lots roaches there, speedy, kill'em...

  • Speed Tesla Tank




    Strongest Tank in the world - Tesla Tank Weapons(Cannon, Tesla Gun, Plane Rocket) are immediately equiped when you start playing Speed your Tesla Tank and make blast ! Hold your breath,game speed will go faster and faster ! Challenge yourself to get the speed of Light ! Tutorial to play: Try...

  • Angry Churchill -- Crash Cars




    Hi, This is Churchill Heavy Tank Mk IV, and I am Angry because many cars exceed their limit speed, I will help the police car to stop them, accurately, Crash them... Game features: 1)"DAYMARE":Everything is bright for you to see clearly. 2)"NIGHTMARE": DOOM3 style using a...

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