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Rage Quit

Entertain yourself for hours with this simple yet addicting game. Guide a red block to a green block through the level without touching anything. If you touch anything than you must restart. Be aware some things move. Simple yet addictive. Give it a try!

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Modern Defense 3D

It's time to defend. Not with stupid bows and rocks but with GUNS, BIG guns! Defend your way to the top with Modern Defense 3D, a fully 3-dimensional tower defense game. Bring your forces together and battle with hundreds of hours of fighting! When that isn't enough submit your score to our global Highscores and compare it with your friend…

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The Disc Golf Challenge

Playing Disc Golf is very exciting and fun but lets face it after playing the same courses over and over for years you can get a little bored. So spice things up with fun challenges! With this app you will be assigned a random challenge that you must follow. Some are easy some are hard, but all are fun and a must have for any group of golfers! P…

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Beastmode Activator

Beastmode your phone! Why just send a text? Why just send a email? Why just play Angry Birds? Don't just do it! Do it in Beastmode. Get the satisfaction of doing everything in BEASTMODE! Send your epic text in BEASTMODE, respond to the craziest email you've ever seen in BEASTMODE, or play the most incredible game of Angry Birds in BEAST…

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Download Brick Breaker Extreme Brick Breaker Extreme icon
Brick Breaker Extreme

B-b-b-b-b-b-BRICK Breaker Ex-x-x-x-x-xtreme. Here is a simple yet very addictive Brick Breaker game. With 14 levels and more to come you'll spend hours enjoying yourself. For those who don't want to play one by one there is survival mode. See how long you can last as you go level by level without dying.

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Download The Dianne Cougar Alert The Dianne Cougar Alert icon
The Dianne Cougar Alert

Is there that co worker, or maybe a friend of yours that is always on the prowl? Are they always on the stalk, just waiting to pounce on their next victim? DON'T LET THEM! Get the Cougar Alert right now and warn everyone in the area! With 11 ridiculous sounds there won't be any cougars jumping up at anyone. *note* This application is a j…

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Download DamItsGood808 Soundboard DamItsGood808 Soundboard icon
DamItsGood808 Soundboard

Always carry around Alex Farnham, more commonly known as DamItsGood808, anywhere and everywhere you go! This is the unofficial Soundboard for DamItsGood808. Currently with 139 sounds! Features: - Set any sound as the default ringtone - Set any sound as a specific contact ringtone - Set any sound as your default notification - Set an…

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Download Hiimrawn Soundboard Hiimrawn Soundboard icon
Hiimrawn Soundboard

Carry around Rawn, more commonly known from YouTube as Hiimrawn, everywhere you go, I mean come on why not? With 71 sounds you can always rock out to his best songs and mottos. *NOTE* SOME OF THE SOUNDS CONTAIN STRONG LANGUAGE, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Features: - Set any sound as the default ringtone - Set any sound as a specific cont…

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