Team Action Zone

  • Go Team




    Go Team uses GPS to lead people along a pre-determined trail to different activities and challenges. The application will only work if a Go Team project is activated in your location.

  • Bakken




    Find your way on Bakken, participate in treasure hunts, follow specific routes and challenge yourself by answering questions about Bakken and its businesses. The Bakken App is for the curious and playful minds. Rediscover Bakken with a smartphone in your hand and experience the world’s oldest...

  • ActionTrack




    ActionTrack brings digital world to physical environments. ActionTrack allows you to experience different location-based activities all over the world. An activity may be for example an event info, a mall guide, a guided walk, a treasure hunt, a school test, a marketing campaign, a real-time...

  • TrezrHunt




    TrezrHunt was voted as the Finnish Sports Product of 2011. Centuries ago, a band of pirates stole a fabulous treasure from the witch Armagal. When the pirates were hiding the treasure, a huge magical force made the jewels invisible and spread them all over the place. The pirates were transformed...

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