Team BBQ

  • BBQScreen Remote Control




    BBQScreen lets you see your Android device's screen on your computer at fullspeed, including sound, as well as let you interact with it using your mouse and keyboard. Make sure to read our Getting Started and FAQ sections at === IMPORTANT INFORMATION === * This...

  • AirFight




    AirFight is a simple and fun 2D shooter we made for fun as a side project. Fly in the air with your aircraft, tap on it to fire against the enemy helicopters and blimps, and avoid their missiles! ** Tap gently below your aircraft, it is highly sensitive ! ** Make the best score and beat your...

  • BBQLog




    BBQLog is the best CyanogenMod Log around! Browse the changes online at or right from this app! Get the changes for all CyanogenMod-enabled devices, and check all the latest nightlies available! All devices with official nightlies are supported. Features : - List...

  • 7.7

    Focal (Beta)




    An excellent camera app

  • Focal (Beta) | Donate




    This is the donate version of Focal. This app is LESS up-to-date than the Free version, so just buy it if you want to support Focal development, then keep on using the free version. There are no other differences between the free and the donate version. For more information, look at the free...

  • BBQScreen Android Client Beta




    This is a client for the BBQScreen Android screen mirroring and remote control application. ** THIS APP IS STILL IN BETA/HUGE DEVELOPMENT: If you don't want to test it, don't buy it, or wait until it gets updated to a final state ** This app lets you see and control another Android...

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