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  • Graci's World

    Graci's World


    Graci's World is the updated version of the Graci's Story mobile Android app. This app is for families, parents, friends, uncles and aunts and anyone else that has someone in their life with Down Syndrome and for parents who know they are going to have a special needs child. Graci is our...

  • BM Central

    BM Central




    BM Central is a convenient way to study for the Boatswain's mate Service Wide Exam. We do recommend using this app as a Supplemental guide along with the official manuals that the CG provides. Using this app alone is not recommended. We have broken the app down by rank, and the questions...

  • DC Central

    DC Central


    DCentral is great "supplemental" tool to help study for the Damage Controlman SWE. It is to be used in conjunction with the Official manuals. **New questions will be added weekly and synced automatically to your device** The app is broken down by subject and the quizzes are in almost...

  • iFlashMob mobile

    iFlashMob mobile




    The FlashMob mobile Android app is a powerful yet simple way to stay connected in the world of Flash Mobs... This app is world wide and allows you to see everyone else that has the app no matter where you are! Not only will you see them, but you can message them within the app! How great is this...

  • One World Adoption Services

    One World Adoption Services




    One World Adoption Services mobile app offers you the opportunity to view available children to adopt, our official blog, news stories and much more. You will also have Facebook and Twitter access all within the app. One World Adoption Services was founded by adoptive parents for adoptive...

  • USMC Mobile

    USMC Mobile




    The USMC mobile Android app is the perfect tool for those who are about to join the Marine Corp, or for those that are in the early stages of their Marine Corp enlistement. Just released in this version is our "Connect With Others" option. You will have access to a comment section...




    The USAF PME mobile app is a great resource for Air Force personnel. New in this release! Our "Chat With Others" tab. This version has this new feature which allows AF members to post comments and connect and network with other AF members. Share your stories, give advice or just give a...

  • PMK Mobile

    PMK Mobile




    PMK Mobile on Android is all you need when it comes to studying for your Navy PMK exam. We have taken the latest questions they are using on the exam and got rid of the fluff and no brainer questions (that you already know!) and created a fun, easy, mobile way for you to get the info that you...

  • EPME Mobile

    EPME Mobile




    The only way to properly study for the EPME test is to get the official EPME Study Guide issued by the CG. **BE SURE TO USE THE APP BEFORE YOU GET UNDERWAY... THIS WILL ENSURE THAT YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE STUDY GUIDES WHILE NOT HAVING A CELL PHONE SIGNAL OR WIFI ACCESS.** Now the EPME...

  • Reece's





    **Be sure to hit the Refresh button each time you enter the app to ensure you are getting the latest info!** This app unfortunately has ads that are displayed at the bottom of the screen. We are not earning anything from these ads, but we are currently working on a free update that will remove...

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