• Cachebox-Test




    !!!! Attantion !!!! This is our trial version to get tested new features from our beta testers! With Big chance it will lead to a crash, because we still do not have everything ready. But this version gives us the possibility that we find all errors before we publish this version as a...

  • Cachebox-Donate




    This version of Cachebox corresponds to 100% of the original version. Just to give you a way to donate. The monthly income and their use will be posted on our website. Here NO names are mentioned without explicit request.

  • Cachebox - with Geocaching API




    CacheBox is a paperless mobile geocaching software for Android with online and offline maps support and Live API capability. Manage and find mystery caches with intelligent handling of Final Waypoints and the Mystery-Solver module. Features include multi-database support, image...

  • Cachebox GCJoker dialer PlugIn




    This Plugin for Cachebox allows the direct phone calls of a phone lifeline from the GCJoker list. The tiresome one is cancelled thereby notice or score to the number. A long pressure on the phone lifeline entry is enough and this Plugin chooses the number independently.

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