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    Wake On Gesture

    Make your phone sleep or wake on gestures. IF YOU NEED HELP UNINSTALLING THIS APPLICATION READ THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN AT THE END OF THE DESCRIPTION HERE AND NOT RATE THIS APPLICATION ASKING FOR THE SAME. There are a variety of configurable ways you can have your phone to wake or sleep with gestures. If you find using the power/sleep key too much…

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    Download Auto Backup (alpha) Auto Backup (alpha) icon
    Auto Backup (alpha)

    Do you wish your device could backup up some files/folders automatically before you worked on it? You can select any number of files/folders to be backed up on device start up or disable the automatic backup to manage it manually. The files/folders may even be any application data stored on sdcard.

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    Wake On Gesture Pro Key

    THIS IS THE PRO KEY TO UNLOCK FEATURES IN Wake On Gesture Pro features: If you see "Exceptions" button in Wake On Gesture without the pro key, adding applications is supported on our phone and hence you'll be able to add applications as exceptions which stops the gesture detection when one of the specified applications is running; e…

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    Auto Starter

    Do you wish some of your applications, which do not support start on start up, could start on start up automatically? You can select any number of applications to be started on your device start up.

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    Flux Talks (beta)

    FluxTalks is a clean and efficient chat application with features like file sharing where you can share almost any file type with your friends and track the location of your friends on the map if they allow you to. # Features * Detailed message status: Sending, Sent, Delivered and Read * Group chats: Public and Private * Share multimedia and othe…

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    Launch Timer

    A simple application to record and compare and show off your 0 to 60s and high speed records. # Features * Record your 0 to 60 timing * Records timings with dates for comparison * Share your records with friends * Uses GPS for speed calculation # PLEASE NOTE: This application uses GPS from the device for all the calculations, and hence the perf…

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