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  • Trip Planner Lite

    Trip Planner Lite




    Create and manage your itinerary. It is an application which is popular in Japan. << This is a free version with ads. >> There is also a paid version without ads feature has been extended. -Trip Planner" is an app to create and manage the itinerary. -You can save the travel...

  • Trip Planner

    Trip Planner




    Create and manage your itinerary. It is an application which is popular in Japan. <> In addition to the free version, the following functions will be added. -WEB search of hotel You can access the WEB service when you create the spot, to enter information easily. When you search by...

  • 東京雨模様





    ■機能概要■ 現在までの東京都近郊の降雨量を、5分間隔で表示するアプリです。 8時間前までの情報を表示することができます。 5分コマ送り、再生・停止することができます。 東京アメッシュの情報を利用させて頂いております。 注)東京都下水道局へのこのアプリについての問い合わせはお控えください。 デベロッパー(teamTK)の知って頂く為に作成したアプリです(広告表示はありません) ぜひアプリの評価を書いて頂けると助かります! 他にも旅程管理アプリ等ありますので、ぜひご覧ください。 ■対応OS■  Android 1.6以降 ■動作確認機種■  Xperia(SO-01B)...

  • Trip Planner Text Report

    Trip Planner Text Report




    This app is a plug-in for [Trip Planner]. -You will not use with this app only. -You must install the [Trip Planner] must. You can be output to the SD card itinerary of the text file. -Start the [Trip Planner], then Press and hold a trip. -From the dialog, You tap the [Create a report]. - when...

  • Pocket Reversi

    Pocket Reversi




    It is very simple reversi game. The degree of difficulty may be low. I am going to revise it in future. The play is possible with two people, too. Please enjoy reversi! A function summary difficulty (easy, normal, hard) the play is possible with two people it state a place to be able to put...

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