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  • MASH Christmas




    'Tis the season for Mash Christmas! Take a merry, merry spin on the classic MASH game! Find out what Santa will bring you this Christmas and who you will kiss under the mistletoe. Thousands of stories await when you play this game. Another classic m.a.s.h. game from Teatime Media. Happy...

  • MASH




    Remember the game MASH- Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House, from the elementary school days? Play MASH to discover who you'll marry, where you'll go to college, where you'll live, and how many kids you'll have!! Selected as a top pick by the Android Market Staff! Lots of fun to...

  • MASH Easter




    M.A.S.H. Easter is the classic MASH game with an Easter bunny spin. What are you going to do on Easter- only Mash Easter can tell. Questions include what are you going to wear, who will find the most Easter eggs, what will you make, and what will you do on Easter Sunday!

  • MASH Valentine




    M.A.S.H. Valentine takes the classic mash game and gives it a Valentine's Day/Dating spin. Find out who will be your Valentine crush, what he will give you for Valentine's Day, and what you will do that evening. MASH will also predict whether you and your Valentine will become happily...

  • MASH Halloween




    MASH Halloween takes the classic mash game and gives it a Halloween spin! Find out what you will dress as, what your crush will wear, and what you will do on Halloween. Best of all it is FREE so give it a swirl!

  • MASH Royal Wedding




    Excited For The Royal Wedding? Find Out Your Fairytale… M.A.S.H. Royal Wedding (Free) is created for those excited about Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton. Turn to this fun free app to predict your own fairytale wedding to the prince of your dreams. M.A.S.H. Royal Wedding takes the...

  • MASH Pro




    Remember the classic fortune telling game MASH (mansion, apartment, shack, house)? MASH Pro gives you the most control of your mash stories and lets you create super long stories that will make you laugh out loud. Pick from 15 questions such as: + Who will you marry? + Where will you...

  • MASH 4th of July




    M.A.S.H. 4th July is a fun twist on the classic fortune telling game, MASH (mansion, apartment, shack, house). Find out about your fourth of July barbecue where hilarious things may happen! Will Nick Cannon stop by with cupcakes or will Cody Simpson sing a song for you? Only this game can tell.

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