• Polar Finder




    When astronomical observations or imaging is done using an equatorial telescope mount, the right-ascension (RA) axis should be parallel with the rotation axis of the Earth to avoid star-trails and errors in guiding. The method how we achieve it is called polar alignment and it starts with a rough...

  • SkipperDroid




    If you have a WiFi bridge on your boat or sailing ship, this utility will be your best friend very soon. It connects your WiFi capable phone to the bridge and listens for standard NMEA sentences of the following types: • GPS positions, • waypoints, • wind direction and speed, • course and speed...

  • VHF Emergency Call




    As a sailor you know that radio traffic - mainly in emergency - is very important and has to comply to a strict form to make messages compact, yet understandable. This ensures that the most information is transferred to coastal radio stations with the least time and effort. This application helps...

  • NGC Mate




    Find and sort astronomical (NGC/IC) objects in seconds with ease. NGC Mate is a simple database application which contains the full revised New General and Index Catalog of astronomical objects. Its main power is the search and sort capability with which it lets you find the objects you want to...

  • International Code of Signals


    Understanding and constructing maritime flag signals can be crucial in situations when all your electronics fails or you or the signaling station have language problems. This application contains the full International Code of Signals database and knows the proper signaling technique, including...

  • IALA Lights




    A mariner should know all recommendations of the IALA lighting and buoyage system. Have you ever had problems identifying lighthouse beams at night or imagining how an abbreviation used on maps would look like in real life? If yes, this utility is what you need. The utility has two major...

  • MID finder for AIS




    This free utility lets you search in the Maritime Identification Digit (MID) database by country or by MID number. The utility comes very handy when you see a ship's Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number on the AIS and you want to know which country the given vessel is coming from....

  • Magnetic Bearing


    As a sailor you know how essential it is to regularly check the position of your ship during the voyage. Any coastal feature that can be seen by the navigator, can be used for this purpose. The Cross Bearing Fix is probably the most common for position finding. To achieve it, bearing sights on at...

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