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FrameIt (Lite Version)

With FrameIt Lite, you can add 3 frames and 10 images to your photos. Overlay multiple frames, and multiple images. Make a statement or jazz up you picture. The Full Version of FrameIt has over 30 frames and over 250 images that you can use to embellish your photos.

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Image Lock Demo

Protect your privacy. Avoid embarassment. Lock / Unlock images with a PIN number. Images just show a locked image on Phone or if copied to PC or emailed. [Menu] option added to reset Thumbnails. PIN is not limited in Full App.

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Download Warriors Oath - RPG (DEMO) Warriors Oath - RPG (DEMO) icon
Warriors Oath - RPG (DEMO)

Warriors Oath, first installment in the Oath Series. An action RPG covering a Fragment of the Oathworlds. Press [MENU] to access Stats, Settings, etc... Tap in the direction you want to go (no need to hold finger on screen). CURRENT UPGRADE - Motorola Droid specific Issues being addressed.

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Speed Shutter (DEMO)

The only full color 30 frame per second high speed digital camera app for your cell phone. Take pictures at the speed setting you chose, from a frame every 2 seconds down to 30 pictures per second! All in full color. The acompanying action sequences were shot as follows: #1 ) Live band, 40 frames at 1/10 second per frame (4 seconds). We just cl…

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Toddler Occupier (DEMO)

Toddler Occupier is made for parental piece of mind. Whether you are driving, grocery shopping, out for dinner or any situation where you would like you child to be quiet and busy... Toddler Occupier will keep them happily pressing away for a long time. DEMO shows only colors. Full version has letters & numbers too.

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Holiday FrameIt (Lite Version)

Add Frames and images to your holiday pictures. Jazz up your shots and send them to family & friends. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year oriented items you can add an embellish with. This Lite version includes 3 frames and 10 images. The full version ($1.99) includes 30 frames and over 200 images.

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Download Hot - o - Meter (Ad Supported) Hot - o - Meter (Ad Supported) icon
Hot - o - Meter (Ad Supported)

Move your finger left / right on the screen to control the meter. Use it wisely and it may put a smile on someones face ;) Use this on your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband to give them a smile and let them know what you think of them. This can also be a better ice breaker then a cheesy pick up line.

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Fire Fighter Demo

This is a demo for Fire Fighter 2. Stop the fire. It sounds so simple. Fire Fighter is a turn based game. Using your tools, you are tasked with stopping the fires from spreading. You can dig fire lines to block the spreading of the flames. You can use the water bomber to slow a burning area down. You can also light back fires. As you advance th…

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Web Organizer

Turn your random bookmarks into easy to use buttons on a 3 screen wide mini desktop. Add folders and drop button links into them to group your links. Links can be added with a bookmark button, or manually added.At a price you like! NOTE:If enough people like this App, we will improve it with features like Folder Passwords!

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Download Apparition Apparition icon

A free little application for adding ghosts (7 available), a pumpkin head, skull and 2 frames to your Halloween cell pics. Trick your friends by adding a faint ghost to a pic or replace their head with a pumpkin. Happy Halloween from Technicow Creations!

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