• Wifi File Sharing

    Wifi File Sharing




    This app provides solution for the people who want to connect their android mobile with personal computer without wire. This provides the connectivity of mobile with personal computer through wifi. User can copy, paste, and delete files from his /her phone by connecting it with computer. Easy...

  • Signature Screen Lock

    Signature Screen Lock




    Enjoy to Unlock your smart phone with your beautiful Signature. It recognizes your handwritten signature as the access method. Only you can access your phone by signing on the device screen. It also provide you the facility to Unlock the phone by using Password. The procedure of using this...

  • 3D Contacts

    3D Contacts




    Beautiful 3d type contact list with color picker, easy setting. You can call or message from this list. Add delete the contacts. Search the contact.

  • Valentines Day Screen Lock

    Valentines Day Screen Lock




    Gift of Valentine’s Day. Pick the flower from the basket and drag it towards the girl's hands. lock will open. enjoy a beautiful and attractive screen lock.

  • Voice Controlled Camera

    Voice Controlled Camera




    Voice controlled camera is the one of the best app that provide you the facility to automatically take snaps of your family and friends. if there is no anyone that can take snapshot of your family or friends group, then this app will help you to do this for you. simply set the camera on a stand...

  • Real Lock Screen

    Real Lock Screen




    Get a beautiful real lock type screen lock. Pick the key and enter into the real lock then phone will be unlocked. This will give you the feeling like real lock, and you are inserting the key in it.

  • Mobile Tracker

    Mobile Tracker




    This application is useful to track your mobile phone. This Mobile tracker will make your life easy to track your phone with the help of GPS. Simply you just need to send one short command on your phone to activate the Tracking Alert service. Working and Features: 1. Enter a secret code to get...

  • Quotes





    you are welcome to the world of wisdom. Get the authentic Quotes with reference of great authors, scientists, and philosophers. Quotes always encourage us and show us the right path. In this application you will get quotes on daily basis and also after specific time period can enable...

  • Thumb Scanner Lock

    Thumb Scanner Lock




    Thumb Scanner Screen Lock. Place your thumb on scanner and unlock your android mobile. This gives a very amazing effect to user. Vibration effect during scanner feels like the original scanner.

  • Maze Ball Puzzle

    Maze Ball Puzzle




    Maze Ball Puzzle Game

  • Six Small Meals A Day

    Six Small Meals A Day




    Would you like to lose weight or gain weight? Well balanced diet is important for you? Six small meals a day is a dieting application. Eat less food more time is a good dieting plan. Six meals a day application provides you best dieting plan. You will have to eat six times a day. Six meals a day...

  • Hand Xray

    Hand Xray




    Prank Hand Xray This application convert your phone into a X-ray scanner. Hand Xray is just a prank application and made for fun. It will help to trick your friends and make thinking into that you have a real build in xray scanner in your phone camera. INSTRUCTIONS: Place your phone over your...

  • Mobile Thief Catcher

    Mobile Thief Catcher




    This application provides you the best solution to prevent your phone from theft and to control mobile snatching. If any one has stolen your phone you don't need to worry about that. This application will make it easy to find the thief's Phone number and his/her location. this will surely...

  • Old Phone Dialer

    Old Phone Dialer




    Enjoy Old Phone Dialer in your latest android smartphone. it is rotary type dialer with old phone dialing sound. it is integrated with 3d contact list and dial pad. * You can chose different types of dialler like metallic, wood, glass etc * You can apply different types of fonts. * You can also...

  • Break and Shoot My Screen

    Break and Shoot My Screen




    Funny application, click on screen to break or shoot effect on screen. Shoot and break my screen is a prank application. Make fun with friends and family and scare them with the broken screen. You can also make fun with the screen by shooting the screen with the finger like a real pistol shoot....

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