• The Drip Children's Book




    ''Rain will never be boring again'' Fionnghuala Drumgoole Aged 9 Exciting new educational and interactive kid's book about the water cycle. ''Jump,'' Tap said. ''But it's so high!'' Drippy the water drop shivered high above the sink....

  • Magic Mice Zap




    Magic Mice Zap is a fun and exciting game for everyone. An evil witch has used a wicked spell and unleashed dozens of nasty little mice all over the kingdom. It is your job to use your magic wand and flying skills to help zap each mouse and battle enemies. You will be taken across many different...

  • Magic Mice Zap Lite




    An evil witch has unleashed dozens of nasty mice across the kingdom. It is your job to zap each mouse and return order to the land. So grab your broom and wand and lets get going.. This is a fun game for people of all ages. Explore each new world and battle enemies.

  • Alien Bomb Attack




    We are under attack!! Alien bomb attack is a strategy based game you will have to shoot down the bombs in the correct order as you face wave after wave of bomb attack. These evil aliens are intent on the total destruction of the human race. Play across five different levels and protect Sydney,...

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