• TJ Diary




    Welcome to our one-stop-shop information platform for all parents. We will provide you with the latest news and information for yourself, your babies, and your family. experience tells us that there is no rest day for parents. In fact, it runs 24 hours a TJ Diary is born from The 7th Day...

  • Smiley POS


    Smiley POS is a lightweight Point of Sale.

  • 搵野王




    近年越嚟越多人選擇去工廈開鋪, 但係宣傳就相對難咗, 有好嘢冇理由收收埋埋, 有見及此, 我哋積極建立「搵嘢王」出嚟, 希望能夠打造一個全港最多最齊嘅商店資料APP, 無論你係做各行各業, 只要你有實體店喺香港同合法嘅生意都歡迎你上載貴寶號上嚟!登記同上載係完全免費架! 以後各位去工廠區嘅消費者就唔使再日曬雨淋喺條街逐張易拉架搵資料喇, 邊度開倉邊度減價,...

  • Touch Super (Herbalgy)




    Touch Super is a Fun and give out Health message game

  • iChingDecode




    I Ching is an ancient Book which we called Book of Changes. It contained a divination system which is widely used in Asia from the past to present. This app is designed to provide a simple method of divination using I Ching and give us an easy to understand explanation of the result.

  • Hereke




    Franchise kinds of fabrics, wholesale and retail all welcome.

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