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  • Coach's Eye Free

    Coach's Eye Free




    You can’t fix what you can’t see! Coach's Eye provides video capture with slow-motion review, drawing tools, and simple sharing. Improve your game with on-the-spot video analysis! Record your players and instantly show them how to improve, right on the field. Refine your pitcher's...

  • TechSmith Fuse

    TechSmith Fuse




    With TechSmith Fuse®, it’s easy to get photos and videos from your mobile device into your favorite TechSmith products, Snagit, Camtasia and TechSmith Relay. You can choose to import an existing photo or video, or capture something new using the app’s built-in camera. Then, take advantage of the...

  • 7.0
    Retired Coach's Eye

    Retired Coach's Eye




    A video editor thought for training purposes.

  • Fuse for Camtasia Relay

    Fuse for Camtasia Relay




    TechSmith Fuse® for Camtasia Relay allows presenters to take business or academic learning beyond the desktop and even outside of the classroom or conference room. Use TechSmith Fuse to record real world camera video with your iOS or Android phone – anytime, anywhere. And enjoy the same ease of...

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