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TechSmith Corporation

  • TechSmith Fuse

    TechSmith Fuse




    With TechSmith Fuse®, it’s easy to get photos and videos from your mobile device into your favorite TechSmith products, Snagit, Camtasia and TechSmith Relay. You can choose to import an existing photo or video, or capture something new using the app’s built-in camera. Then, take advantage of the...

  • Coach's Eye

    Coach's Eye




    Coach's Eye is the performance-enhancing video app for serious competitors. Evaluate performance on the field or on the go using powerful instant replay tools. Record amazing HD videos and instantly review them in slow motion. Create and share coaching videos that help you train smarter and...

  • Fuse for Camtasia Relay

    Fuse for Camtasia Relay




    ***** This is the discontinued legacy app for Camtasia Relay. Please download the free TechSmith Fuse app which is designed work with TechSmith Relay and TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted). Search for the new TechSmith Fuse and download it from the App Store. ***** TechSmith Fuse® for Camtasia Relay...

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