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  • MuM




    Child is your blessings for today and promises for the days to come! Your newborn is the most super sensitive, delicate and susceptible during the initial days. Well being of your kid comprises of physical, mental and social well-being. We are delighted to offer a comprehensive child care app...

  • Air Hockey World Cup 2014




    Hey Folks! Welcome to the world of Air Hockey. Air Hockey World cup is a game for two competing players trying to score goals in the opposing player's post. If you miss FIFA 13 on your device, this is the best game for you. Play with your friend or with your mobile device. Play in 3 different...

  • 5.1

    Magical Butterfly




    Create chain reactions and complete every puzzle level

  • Sarthaan '13




    Sarthaan’13 is an app unlike any other. This effort was made by the technical team at PeopleTree Education Society's College of Business Administration along with the help of TechTree IT Systems Pvt. Ltd. This app contains the different streams of participation, the directors note, the pre...

  • Zombie Chicken Frenzy




    Once upon a time, not so long ago, a few scientists carried out an experiment on a chicken to see if they could make it fly like an eagle. The experiment went horribly wrong and the chicken was left for dead. But then, it wasn’t dead. At least not entirely. It had turned into an ominous...

  • Baby Health Tips




    Baby Health or Care Tips is an informative app for parents with children between the age group of 0-8 years. Are you a newbie Parent? Want to utilize your free time for some knowledge gain? Well, we suggest you to spend some time in knowing what precautions/measures that you will need to take,...

  • Awesome Possum




    Marty, the possum wanted to fly. To nowhere in particular, but just around the park he lived in. Possums do not have a good understanding of the word ‘impossible’,so he set out to build his own wings. But then, nor do possums have a good understanding of aerodynamics. In this game, you help...

  • 5.8

    The Gem Hunt




    Search for the gems and get to the end of the level

  • Birthday Song Free by TTIT




    Here comes the first ever interactive Birthday Wish App for you. Wish your special ones with this birthday wish application. Tap the horse in this application and see the friendly horse sing the complete Birthday Song. Young kids will be excited to see a horse wish them Happy Birthday on their...

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