• messenger by TVNC (beta)


    this is a new app from TVNC. On this app, you are able to message all of your friends by a few buttons. you can also make private conversations, were no one is able to see your conversation apart from you, it doesn't even get recorded on the server. It works best using devises like a tablet...

  • TVNC Tap the cookie (game)


    Hi welcome to another TechVNC app. This is my first ever game, called "tap the cookie". In this game you have to try and click a cookie ans many times as you can in 30 seconds. At the top of the screen, it will say different messages depending on how well you are doing, it will also say...

  • TVNC Picture slider (game)


    Hi welcome to another TechVNC app, this app is a clasic game where you have to move pieces of a picture to the correct places. This is my 2nd game but my 4th app altogether. If you like this app then please go to my youtube channel at: or my new website at:...

  • TVNC Web Browser


    This is another TVNC app, but this this time, its not about my YouTube channel. This is an epic web browser. Yes it is me saying that, and i know that i'm not that good at programming, but this app have no extra lag and it should be the same speed as your normal browser. The big main...

  • TVNC YouTube catch up




    ######WiFi may be required###### Hi this app is all about my new YouTube channel and I will show you my new videos.

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