• Theremin Tuned to Modes/Scales




    It's like Auto Tune for the Theremin. This theremin plays notes auto-tuned in the scale or mode of your choice. Great for musical beginners. You can easily play melodies and improvise in key, or just make spooky horror movie sounds. The notes slide like a theremin, but stop on a correct note...

  • Jazz Backing Tracks




    Play along with backing tracks for a selection of jazz standards. You can use it for practice or performance.

  • Get Smiley!




    A Whack-a-Mole style game. Click the Smilies as fast as you can, while trying to avoid clicking the Meanies. Click too many Meanies, or take too long, and you're out!

  • Dog Breed Flashcards




    Learn and memorize over 150 breeds of dogs quickly. Includes photos for each breed.

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