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    Dino Digger

    Dig up dinosaur bones, build them into interactive 3D skeletons, and even bring your dino bones to life! Your positive feedback keeps more dinosaurs and more content coming! * 18 interactive dinosaur skeletons to dig up * 18 interactive live dinosaurs * Facts and Info about each dinosaur * Many unique animations for each dinosaur and each skel…

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    My Fairy Princess

    Finally, a 3D dress up app where your character moves and dances in the outfit that you pick out for her! The popular dress-up game for little kids and toddlers is here! Tap different items on your Fairy Princess and watch them change. Swipe your finger across her to make her twirl. Swipe up or down to make her fly. Tap the sides of her to see…

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    Download Idiom Man - Word Puzzle Game Idiom Man - Word Puzzle Game icon
    Idiom Man - Word Puzzle Game

    Watch Idioman act out the literal interpretation of idioms, common sayings, and phrases. This is the first pictorial puzzle app that has animation incorporated into the puzzle's picture! Instead of just being an expansive list of pictures, Idiom Man is an animated game that shows the literal interpretation of each idiom in a unique and clev…

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