• Scanner PDF




    With the new Scanner PDF application, we are aiming at maximizing your document management efficiency, and have come with the perfect tool: a mobile scanner for your smartphone, to change paper into digital bits, while saving both time and storage space in the process. The advanced search...

  • R-net for Android




    This software increases the mouse pointer size, when a Bluetooth mouse is connected. The software is intended for the PGDT R-net systems only. For more details, visit http://www.pgdt.com/ The very first time the software is started, it will ask a password, available only to PGDT Rnet users....

  • BlueInput Demo




    Blueinput for Android is an advanced Bluetooth application that allows you to connect a bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard to your Android device for extraordinary typing speed, wireless device control and an unrivaled coolness factor. IMPORTANT: Samsung Galaxy phones and some HTC Models do not...

  • Mind Reader PRO




    MindReaderPRO is a fun mind game. It comes with several magic tricks, appealing graphics and lots of sound effects to keep you busy for days. Amaze your friends with this cool Android game. Enjoy using it, and have fun with Hot Lemon! The INTERNET Permission is for downloading and showing the...

  • SuperHero




    SuperHero is an Augmented Reality application that lets you enter the fantastic world of superheroes. Using your phone's camera, you will see the superhero hidden in each of us. Choose your team from up to 30 superheroes or fantastic masks, and start a new league of heroes with all of your...

  • Screen Shot




    A tool for grabbing the screen of your Android device. It comes with powerful options such as countdown trigger, voice command, shake trigger, compression and basic editing functions such as flip or rotate. Note: it requires a rooted Android phone to work . There is no way around this...

  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Demo




    Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is an application that can be used as a driver for a HID Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. Since it uses the HID protocol, it can also be used with other HID devices such as Bluetooth Keyboards. However, it has been optimized for Barcode Scanners: Having this direction in mind,...

  • Mind Reader




    You're walking down the street, nothing special, but have you ever considered the millions of thoughts of the thousands of people around you? What if your Android device could be so advanced, that it would read your own thoughts? Amaze your friends with a cool magic trick and have fun with...

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