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  • SpinnerSpot - Vidya Rathod

    SpinnerSpot - Vidya Rathod


    SpinnerSpot: ------------------------ Used: Spinner, EditText,Button,SQLite. Technology: Adroid SDk,Eclipse. Description: This project gives the details of Spinner. the Spinner provide a quick way to select one value from a set. In the default state of Spinner shows it's currently Selected...

  • Kidzy - Kalyani Maid

    Kidzy - Kalyani Maid




    This is simple application for kids. Kids can learn alphabates by listening the sounds of letters and also can have fun with it. It is very useful for educational purpose.

  • Alarm Clock - Sumit Kasar

    Alarm Clock - Sumit Kasar


    This is an Alarm Application. And it will appear in android device with the name of Alarm Clock . We can set the System Alarm clock through this App,we can also set the message through this App and this message will display on the screen when the alarm will rang. Steps to Set the Alarm through...

  • Call History - Azahar Sheikh

    Call History - Azahar Sheikh




    When you installed this application, your all incoming and outgoing calls stored on server. This application quickly accesses the calling history and this application always requires Internet Connection. If your mobile history deleted then you can again see your call history by this app.

  • Playlist - Vidya Rathod

    Playlist - Vidya Rathod


    PlayList: -------------- Description: This project gives List of Media item It's play simple list of AudioSong it can be played in Sequentail or Shuffled order. The Playlist Adopted by Various media player SoftWare programs intented to Organise & Control Music on pc. such a Playlist may...

  • SpeechToText - Mohini Sail

    SpeechToText - Mohini Sail


    This is SeechToText application.The Speech to Text app uses Androids built-in Speech Recogniser to turn speech into text.By clicking on image button of mike we can see the words which we have spoken.

  • PHOTO GEO TAG - Aarthi

    PHOTO GEO TAG - Aarthi


    PHOTO GEO TAG ------------------------------- Photo Geo Tag is an application that can click images, geo-tag them and also view them along with the geo-tag. This ensures associating a geographical location to the image through geo-tagging. Photo Geo Tag facilitates this geo-tagging as its...






    OFFLINE NUMBER LOCATOR --------------------------------------------------- Offline Number Locator is an application that helps to trace or locate mobile/fixed line numbers to identify which locale they are calling from. There is neither any need for GPRS nor the involvement of battery-hogging GPS...

  • PerfMeter - Amit Singh

    PerfMeter - Amit Singh


    PerfMeter ------------------- Network and CPU performance monitor ------------------------------------------------------------- PerfMeter allows to trouble-shoot performance problems by letting the user see network and CPU usage over time. On a mobile device, battery power is one of the most...

  • Travel Tracker - Amit Singh

    Travel Tracker - Amit Singh




    Travel Tracker ----------------------- This is a standalone android application which is used to keep track of all the travelling events of a particular user. The user can store all the travelling events which he is going to make in future. The user...

  • GlowLiveWallpaper - Simran

    GlowLiveWallpaper - Simran




    Decorate your home screen with the changing glowing colorful circles. This is a low impact live wallpaper. It won't slow down your phone and it won't drain your battery.

  • KnowYourBody - Mangesh

    KnowYourBody - Mangesh




    Easy and Useful App to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), Fat Percentage , BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) • Body Mass Index: is defined as the body weight divided by the square of the height. It provides a rough guide since it doesn't take into account a person build or the composition of...

  • SparkleAnimation - Nutan

    SparkleAnimation - Nutan


    Description: In this App, 2D animation is showing the two frames sparkle over the entire screen .It will draw 18 images after some time in the form of two frames.

  • MyNote - Kalyani Maid

    MyNote - Kalyani Maid


    MyNote- Project Description ---------------------------------------------- This is simple notepad application. We can write a short notes or anything in it and store it for further use. We can add multiple notes and store it as it is. In this...

  • Aryabhattas_Zero - Sumeet

    Aryabhattas_Zero - Sumeet


    It’s a Calculator which will appear as Aryabhatta’s Zero App in Your Android device. The zero’s before the any number has no value But after the any number it will get higher value and this ZERO is discovered by Aryabhatta. That’s why I have given Aryabhatta’s name to my Calculator...

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