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    Download PowerYoga-Suraj PowerYoga-Suraj icon

    This is a guide which will provide you information about Power Yoga which is considered as best technique for weight loss and body relaxation. It gives a complete step to step instruction about how to perform Power yoga with benefits. A helpful guide giving information to office people to follow yoga during office hours in order to release stress…

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    Download Expence Tracker - Lalit Sakare Expence Tracker - Lalit Sakare icon
    Expence Tracker - Lalit Sakare

    In Expence Tracker you can set the limit of your daily expence and then add your monthly income and provide the description of your income.Now when you want to add the expence you select the your expence category also you can capture the photo and add it. you can view your expence by month and also yearly and also you can view the pie chart of…

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    Download RangoliMaker-Dhanashree RangoliMaker-Dhanashree icon

    Concept of Rangoli: Rangoli is used as a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs, specifically Hindu. It is considered an important part of the spiritual process; it might be called the purification of the spirit and the prosperity that lies behind such purification. Moreover, it represents a philosophy of life that enthusiastically celebrates the…

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    Download PHOTO GEO TAG - Aarthi PHOTO GEO TAG - Aarthi icon
    PHOTO GEO TAG - Aarthi

    PHOTO GEO TAG ------------------------------- Photo Geo Tag is an application that can click images, geo-tag them and also view them along with the geo-tag. This ensures associating a geographical location to the image through geo-tagging. Photo Geo Tag facilitates this geo-tagging as its utility. Photo Geo Tag allows one to match date/time informa…

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    Download BULL's EYE-Josy Issac BULL's EYE-Josy Issac icon
    BULL's EYE-Josy Issac

    LOVE WORD GAMES??? How many words of four or more letters can you make from the given letters...??? I am a newbie in android app development and this game is my first app. I am very proud to upload my game to the Google Play Store and I hope y'all like my game ;) Your support, suggestions, criticisms are totally appreciated. I will be updatin…

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    Download PocketDoctor-Neerav PocketDoctor-Neerav icon

    This is the simple but very useful application.Normally these days pepole has very small problems and they have to go the doctors all the time but using this application they get to know that what precautions they should take to avoid normal diseases. How to Use this application? It's very simple to use this application.You have to Simply sel…

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    Download CalorieCounter- Anuj Zunjarrao CalorieCounter- Anuj Zunjarrao icon
    CalorieCounter- Anuj Zunjarrao

    Counts your steps, displays your pace, approx. distance, speed and calories burned. It has an option to notify you by voice in given intervals about any value. You can set a desired pace/speed and get notified when you have to go faster or slower. Works best when attached firmly to your body. On some phones it can't count the steps when the scr…

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    Download LiveWallPaper - Suraj LiveWallPaper - Suraj icon
    LiveWallPaper - Suraj

    Description Time live wallpaper It is a intresting live wallpaper which will show the current time of your mobile or tab on your screen/wall. You can simply unlock your mobile and see the current time.

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    Download KnowYourBody - Mangesh KnowYourBody - Mangesh icon
    KnowYourBody - Mangesh

    Easy and Useful App to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), Fat Percentage , BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) • Body Mass Index: is defined as the body weight divided by the square of the height. It provides a rough guide since it doesn't take into account a person build or the composition of the body weight. • Body Fat Percentage: is define…

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    Download CellTracer-Ashish CellTracer-Ashish icon

    Traces your cellphone location and displays information about the location details.

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