Telenor Pakistan

  • Red Racer

    Red Racer




    A Unique Racing game with 10 adventurous missions in different lovely locations.We are already in top 100 racing games in 9 countries. Red Racer is an interesting race game.The game play is very interesting and full of fun. All the levels are beautifully designed to give you 3d experience.The...

  • Telenor Assist

    Telenor Assist




    The most convenient, user friendly app that enables your android mobile to connect with professionals via one portal. If you are ever in need of any kind of expert medical or legal advice, guidance on how to chart your career path or any other information. Simply download Telenor Assist on your...

  • Mind Game-Independent

    Mind Game-Independent




    The Mind Game will tell you any number you think between 10 to 99 in your mind.

  • I.C.E





    One touch gps location informing app to your contact In Case of emergency . Type of emergency, GPS co-ordinates and map link will be sent to your buddy list for help. A list of emergency numbers can be maintained by manually adding/removing numbers. By default the ICE number from contacts will...

  • Photo Express

    Photo Express




    Upload photos from your phone to have them printed and mailed to your address anywhere in Pakistan through this partnership between Telenor Pakistan and TCS. All you have to do is select a maximum of five photos from your phone’s picture gallery, fill out a simple form with your personal details,...

  • Bazoonga





    “Bazoonga” reads your mind. Think of a number between 1 and 100 and let “Bazoonga” guess the number you thought. It’s fun, Give it a try.

  • Hidden Quest

    Hidden Quest




    Hidden Quest is a very light, user friendly game where motive is to find the hidden objects in the pictures. There are up to 12 stages with each stage hiding up to 6 objects. NOTE: I Do not own the graphics & sounds that has been used in this game. They have been collected from internet.

  • Josh FM99

    Josh FM99




    Listen to Pakistan's favourite talkback station LIVE on your Android. Download the all-new JOSH FM99 radio application and Enjoy your favorite, latest and oldies music songs anywhere and at anytime. Yes, now you can stay tuned 24/7 with JOSH FM99, all across the globe. JOSH FM99 is an android...

  • Number Illusion

    Number Illusion




    We give you surety that this App will read your mind. Number Illusion is a simple card game. It is a trick game and based on Maths logic. In this App you have to think number and then the App will tell you what number you think.

  • Calls and SMS Filter

    Calls and SMS Filter




    Ever annoyed by an unkown caller or some friend bought a new number and is annoying you with. And ever wondered how to get rid of it? Now Calls and SMS Filter can help: It’s time to take a step, download Calls and SMS Filter, it will block calls and sms from the list provided by the user....

  • Letter Buzz - Beta

    Letter Buzz - Beta




    Super addictive 9 letter word game for Android. From a jumble of 9 letters, find as many English words as possible of 4 or more letters. There is always a 9 letter word to find amongst the scrambled letters. Score is awarded based on the length of the word you make. Make a 9 letter word and earn...

  • Blood Corner

    Blood Corner




    Blood Corner is an online blood bank application, which allow people to find out blood donor details online in need of blood.

  • Mini Mine Sweeper

    Mini Mine Sweeper




    Minesweeper is a deceptively simple test of memory, reasoning and one of the most popular puzzle game of all time. The goal: find the empty squares and avoid the mines.

  • Easy Salah

    Easy Salah




    Whether it is your daily Salah or for any particular occasion, find the right way to Salah (Namaz) with EasySalah. EasySalah lets you teach yourself and your children how to perform Wudu, the common mistakes made during Salah and how many Rakats are there in each Salah.

  • Eye Illusion

    Eye Illusion




    Magic Eye pictures such as this, when viewed the right way, give the illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) image. These pictures are called auto stereograms because they do not need any special equipment in order to see them (such as 3D glasses or a stereoscope). Download now and get into the 3D...

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