Ten Bears Software

  • Handy Net Income Calculator




    The Handy Net Income Calculator is a very simple calculator for quickly working out how much you're going to earn after Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax according to the Australian Tax Office Individual income tax rates for 2011-2012. You don't need to enter a wealth of information - just your...

  • Running Record FREE




    A Running Record is a popular assessment tool used by teachers to measure the reading capability and comprehension of students. This free version allows teachers to enter the total number of words read, and the number of errors and self-corrections made, then calculates the error ratio, reading...

  • My Shopping Trolley


    My Shopping Trolley is a list manager for (surprise!) shopping. It has been designed to provide users a mature, functional and supported app with a high degree of usability and flexibility. ** User Manual now available at http://tenbearssoftware.blogspot.com.au/ ** My Shopping Trolley allows...

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