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  • ATM Locator Malaysia

    ATM Locator Malaysia




    ATM Locator is the latest innovation by some folks from Bangi, Malaysia to help you find your bank nearest automated teller machine fast, easy and crispy. This small (just ~2 MB) and powerful app is not only FREE but packed with of life saving (yes the ATMs) information. From now on you can...

  • Malaysia Hotlines

    Malaysia Hotlines




    Malaysia, we have done it for you! From now on, you don't need to look all over the Play Store for directory listings of government agencies, local authorities, embassies and a plethora of other important numbers. All you need to download and hug is the cute Malaysia Hotlines/myhotline! It...

  • iAES Tracker, BOOM!

    iAES Tracker, BOOM!




    Exclusively developed for Malaysian drivers, iAES Tracker will help to alert you when there are any AES camera nearby. All you need to do is switching your phone GPS on and with iAES Tracker you will know how close your are from the AES camera, your vehicle speed and the current road speed...

  • Malaysia Most Wanted

    Malaysia Most Wanted




    This app provide information about the most wanted person and missing person in malaysia. It creates community awareness on the criminal on the loose & be on constant look out for the missing people as well as provides some precaution measures to be practiced by people updated - fix internet...

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