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Microphone, useful pocket tool, This microphone app simply sends your voice out of the phone! If you have a male-to-male 3.5mm headphone jack you can plug your phone into your computer, PA system or whatever and use your Android device as a real microphone. You can use this microphone for karaoke party, or in every situation when you want to impre…

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Download App Locker App Locker icon
App Locker

App Lock allows you to protect Your data with the numerical password. App Lock can lock SMS, Mail, Contacts or any installed application. Calls and any app you choose, with abundant options, protecting your privacy. The easiest way to secure your smartphone and protect your privacy! Lets you protect any applications you want with a password with GR…

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Download Call and SMS Blocker Call and SMS Blocker icon
Call and SMS Blocker

Call and SMS Blocker, to block unwanted incoming calls and unwanted sms. No more unwanted calls or sms! This application block unwanted incoming calls and SMS, and help you to manage a blacklist. Make your privacy safe. Call and SMS Blocker is designed to filter unwanted calls or sms. Manage your blacklist and you will block unwanted call with this…

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Download Daily Horoscope Daily Horoscope icon
Daily Horoscope

Your personal Daily Horoscope on Your Android Phone. Find out what your future holds with your daily horoscope! With our Daily Horoscopes know what is in store for you today. The future is written in the stars. Using this app, you will get your daily horoscope every morning! Check your horoscope with just one click! Read daily horoscopes for every…

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Download Metal Detector Metal Detector icon
Metal Detector

Turns your smart phone into a metal detector and find the metal and electromagnetic waves with your smart phone. Measure electromagnetic fields with you smart phone. This app allows you to measure and scan the magnetic field. It uses the magnet sensor of your phone to measure the magnetic field around it. You can use this app to detect some meta…

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Download Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner icon
Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner simple and very useful pocket tool. If you are looking for a guitar tuner, try this app! Guitar tuner is the simplest and the best tool for tuning the guitar! Just click on the button and tune your guitar with the repeating sound of the tuned string! Simple and easy to use! This guitar tuner helps you tune your electric or acoustic gui…

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Download Mirror Mirror icon

Mirror app. Turn your phone into the simple mirror. If you need to check your look or maybe put your contact lens, this would be a great app for you. Try it now! Now you can enjoy with Mirror App. You can use this app wherever you go. Mirror app great solution for daily use. You just need to have this app. Great pocket mirror. Fix your make-up - Tr…

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Download Night Clock Night Clock icon
Night Clock

Night Clock displays time in big font with blue color. With this night clock you can see the time at night when is light turned off. This is a simple night clock. It will display the time in big bold letters. Night Clock is a small application that displays a large clock on your device’s screen. This app is not just night clock, it include date an…

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Download Flash Alert Flash Alert icon
Flash Alert

Flash Alert application is very useful in the dark or at night when you do not want to hear ringtones. Flash alert embedded in your device will promptly blink as your phone is ringing or receiving SMS or any notification. Flash alerts application notify with flashing camera light when you have call or sms. Flash Alert application used when you have…

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Download Compass Compass icon

Compass is a powerful and simple magnetic compass app, with all the information you need on one clear screen. A simple compass: move your phone in all positions, and the compass will always stay parallel to the floor! The app shows your heading on an analogue compass Can be used in a marine environment for sailing, boating, climbing etc. A great c…

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