Terry Lin

  • Christmas Pop Star




    Merry Christmas!!!Christmas Pop Star now lands with the joy of Christmas. The game is simple but it is not that easy to get a high score ,come and pop stars! No levels limit, show us how far you can go!! How to play: - Click on two or more stars of the same color to eliminate them. - No level...

  • Jungle 2048




    Jungle 2048 is popular puzzle game. Now lands Android in the mysterious jungle with - Better graphics. - Better effect. - Better sound. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO PLAY: Swap Up, Down, Left, Right to move the rock. When two...

  • No Bird Fall


    No Bird Fall is just a simple, easy, one finger game. Your single target is clear -- Let NO Bird FALL!!! BUT can you get high score??? Come and show us what you got ! How to play: 1. Tab the screen, create the jump board to let the falling birds keep flying. There are 3 mode, the harder mode...

  • Bubble Bubble oops




    The classic bubble game now lands. Once you pop the bubbles, you cannot stop. And there are more than hundreds levels are waiting for you chanllege. If you are the expert of the puzzle bubble. Come and show what you got and see which level you can get....

  • Floppy Shooter




    The jaunty birds arise! They circle around and chanllege you. You gonna take action to knock them down. What are you waiting for , sway your phone and make the shoot, to see if you can hold on for 20 rounds to make the history!!...

  • Duck Killer




    "Duck killer" is a funny shooting game. The inflatable ducks will fly right front of you. You gonna shoot them down. The more ducks you shoot down, the more scores you get. ---------------------------------------------------------- Tip: 1. Try to control the shooting time. 2. You can...

  • Star Collector




    "Star Collector" is a very Interesting Android Game. It's easy to play but if you wanna get higher score, you may need to think over before you take every step. Just try your best to collect more same stars and break them. It would be your perfect timer killer. More over, you can...

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