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Draw→Moving! for Kids/Child

drawing "face", let's move Animation ! When you paint the "face", the body came grows and move. Let's upload and share with everyone it if you draw well! try move animation together to download a face that other children drew [Explanation] * You can select "To Drawing", "play" and a "get a…

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Download Energetic Cars 3D! Energetic Cars 3D! icon
Energetic Cars 3D!

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- *08/22/2014 Add Japanese ambulance Car! ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ※ This app is an application of the baby / young children. Do a drive to write the road…

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Download Energetic cars for baby/infant Energetic cars for baby/infant icon
Energetic cars for baby/infant

This App for kids. My child, because I love the car, I made. *UPDATE Feb 05, 2013 : Add Postal car *Operation The tap summoned the car. tap on the car, to start to run to the energetic. Pull the road in drag. The car will run along the road. *Tips To turn right / left the car, you crossed the road *Menu [EXIT] ............................…

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Download Draw Roller Coaster for Kids Draw Roller Coaster for Kids icon
Draw Roller Coaster for Kids

he Drawing a roller coaster! In tracing the sky, Make a line of roller coaster The Let's run to make the tree and house in the town! [Explanation] * After START, draw the line as you like to the blue sky. * The top of the screen is high, The bottom of the screen is low. Depth proceed automatically. * Please press the bottom right [→] icon…

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Download Draw→Moving! MonoRail Drawing! Draw→Moving! MonoRail Drawing! icon
Draw→Moving! MonoRail Drawing!

●Draw→Moving! MonoRail Drawing!(for Kids/Child) Pull the line to the city, and try running the monorail! Line is created when trace the favorite place, You can do to stop it or move the train lever. Hope you're driving a train freely. [Explanation for Mom and Pop] * When you start, the screen will appear as seen from above the city, the li…

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Download Energetic cars2 forBaby/Infant Energetic cars2 forBaby/Infant icon
Energetic cars2 forBaby/Infant

*Update Feb 05, 2013 : Add Postal Car Small car is moving around! App for young children. When you tap the car come out. And tracing the screen wall is made. (It will be an obstacle for the car.) Partially erase wall tap.

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Download Draw->Dance! Drawing the face Draw->Dance! Drawing the face icon
Draw->Dance! Drawing the face

************************************************************************* * This app is intended for small children - elementary school children. * * Please guardian is tell you "how to play". * ************************************************************************* Please be drawing a lot of face! The painte…

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Download child driving Boo! for Child child driving Boo! for Child icon
child driving Boo! for Child

Explore the city driving a car! The city has various animal! [Explanation] Explore the city driving a car, it is the app only towards infants and children. [How To Play] * touch on the right side of the steering wheel or the right of the screen : Turn to the right * touch on the left side of the steering wheel or the left of the screen : Turn…

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Child swing

Child swing * This app is the app for [0 years old ] to [young children]. When you touch the screen, then the swing! You just enjoy the scenery while rowing the swing, it is an app that laid-back [Commentary] It is an application that is laid-back to be able to enjoy a wide range of children. (Up to 0 years old - young children) Each time you to…

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Download Friendly Slime! for infant app Friendly Slime! for infant app icon
Friendly Slime! for infant app

*Feb 05, 2013 : Add New Slime Make to slime, Play with slime! This app is pretty and education for infants. How to Play * When you touch the screen Slime is born * When you touch the slime Trembling purpuric (When you touch a few times, slime is split) * Slime absorbs the small slime. Then change the color of the body * drag the screen, make…

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