• Energetic cars for baby/infant

    Energetic cars for baby/infant




    This App for kids. My child, because I love the car, I made. *UPDATE Feb 05, 2013 : Add Postal car *Operation The tap summoned the car. tap on the car, to start to run to the energetic. Pull the road in drag. The car will run along the road. *Tips To turn right / left the car, you...

  • Eye Power Laser

    Eye Power Laser




    [out the beam from the eye with a face photo!] - Please select a face photo. - Beam is emitted from the eye if you tap. [can be a simple defense game] When you select a defense mode during start-up, the enemy will come to eat the photo clutter. Not to eat the portion of the laser firing, please...

  • Touch Bubbles! for baby/infant

    Touch Bubbles! for baby/infant




    Is the app for infant / baby(up to 3 years old). I hope children stopped crying to smiling. This App is playing in the bubbles. You touch the beautiful bubble and crack. If you touch, Papa Mama button is lit. Mom and dad will help me to assign bubble is pressed. Papa button : crack a bubble...

  • flick Laughing Animal for baby

    flick Laughing Animal for baby




    *Feb 05, 2013 : Add New Character(Koala) flick the Laughing Animal marble.[for baby/infant] Marbles of animals! (Animals'll laugh!) App for the infant / baby. ※ How to Play You play by tapping the marbles on the screen. ※ menu END : To exit the app. You can also exit by...

  • Animal bouncing! [baby/infant]

    Animal bouncing! [baby/infant]




    This App for baby/infants. *Feb 05, 2013 : Add New Character(Koala) Various animals has been bouncing on a trampoline. You press an animal with a touch. You can make a balloon. Laugh together!

  • ChildrenAnimalConcert for Kids

    ChildrenAnimalConcert for Kids




    Concert together! Press the button in a timely, and play the song a lot! When you're well, let's upload! Let's play with the other children! [Explanation] * Icon because falling, please press the button in a timely manner. Then, can play the "music". * If you select...

  • Rubber play for baby/infant

    Rubber play for baby/infant




    This app for Baby/Infant. Sep 24, 2012 : Add new pest. Use a rubber, drop the pest. operation is drag only. if child can not drag, change to "only tap" in menu.

  • Animal Balloons!(for baby/infa

    Animal Balloons!(for baby/infa




    *Update Feb 05, 2013 : Add the golden Badger balloon. Badger comes out a lot in touch. *How To Play Let's Touch the balloons! Touch the balloons of various animals, I'll return to the original form. Even after you become animals, animals laugh by touching. "Pieces of the...

  • Child Paint! for baby/infant

    Child Paint! for baby/infant




    "Children Paint" is a drawing app for baby / toddler. Leave it to your child's sensitivity, please let them touch as you like. Upload and share it with everyone when a child is well drawn! *Title "Start" ... start drawing "Everyone's Paint" ... Can see...

  • find me! Hide&Seek[baby infant

    find me! Hide&Seek[baby infant




    This App for baby/infants. Trying to hide and seek with the "strange creatures". From the nine ball in the screen, please find touch the "strange creatures".

  • Throw Beigoma

    Throw Beigoma




    Throw Begoma, compete in the distance. Please to flick on from the bottom of the screen as quickly as possible. if hit the other Begoma, Speed falls slightly. Begoma middle is running, you can slightly adjust the position of the tap on the screen. Compete for Ranking in the distance.

  • Slime Tower -Hero Jump-

    Slime Tower -Hero Jump-




    Hero went to the tower is infested slime. Defeat it stepped on the slime! Climbing the tower game in the heart and soul. There is a rank climbed in the rankings. For more information, please see the tutorial that appears at the start of the game. * Hero will automatically walk on the floor. *...

  • Space Droid

    Space Droid




    loose Shooting game. Only tap operation. Turning to the left and press the left half of the screen, and then turning to the right and press the right half. The fast-moving only a little with a double tap. You defeat the enemy to emerge from off screen. Damage and you hit the body of the bullet...

  • Sound Ball for baby/infant

    Sound Ball for baby/infant




    Sep 24, 2012 *Add or spring unit *Add and colorful pen (change the icon in the upper-right corner) It is an app that sounds to hit the lines and circles the yellow ball. Lines and circles can be to write your own. *Dropping the ball turret  Turret at the top of the screen, you can switch...

  • Wire Climb

    Wire Climb




    Do not catch up to sea level looming, Your hand to manipulate the wire Droid (extending hand) Continue climb the game intently. ・Droid in your hand stretched wire tap, Hook the scaffolding and birds. ・Hand wire does not stick only at the tip of the hand stretched out! ・Stick to the bird and...

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