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UPGRADE TO FULL VERSION: 20 LEVELS, NO ADS. FREE VERSION: 5 LEVELS, ADS The game features the following: - Game designed for touchscreen smartphone and tablets. - 3D scenario scrolling simulated by 2D. Very effective retro-look! - All controls using touch screen, no button or joystick (virtual or real), only swiping and touching the screen. - Help…

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The Black Hole

Travel between the stars and battle an alien invasion from a black hole! Black Holes are used as a intergalactic tunnels by an aggressive alien race, determined to conquer the Earth and enslave the human race. Hold on to killer satellites, deadly spheres, asteroids and a terrible and huge bosses, under the ubiquitous influence of the black hole. Cr…

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Kill That Bandit

Kill The Bandit is a real "Reflex Trainer". Measure your reflexes with this fast action shooting game. Touch the screen to aim for the bandit and align the sight of the gun, and release the finger to shot. Avoid the fearful sheriffs that escape in all directions and sometimes inadvertently cover the bandits. There are two game-play. Arcad…

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If you love old soccer games like Subbuteo(TM) or ARCOFALC (TM) spring soccer, you will love PongSoccer. Play against your mate or the computer (3 levels from easy to veeeery hard), use the finger to charge your kick, moving your player when the ball is stopped over it, and release the finger to kick. Use left or right buttons to move or stop the g…

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Little game for all of you, fan of retro-gaming and old habitue of smoky arcade. This is an exciting space shooting game freely inspired by an old arcade. Fight against tons of aliens coming down to invade the Earth! Use the accelerometer of your (smart)phone or tablet, rolling it left or right, to move your space gun. Fire by tapping any point on…

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Kill all zombies collecting new weapons, medikit, coins and more. Free client. You can only join another game hosted by a paid app.

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Puzzle Sudoku Ware

Sudoku is not only...classic Sudoku, but it is a puzzle and even an arcade, too! Play 3 different games based on Sudoku. You can play the traditional 9x9 Sudoku grid, with 12 levels, from dummy (a lot of fixed digits) to mission impossible (very few fixed digits). You can even save the game (one different save for each level is available) and conti…

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A fantastic mix for training reflexes, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision and speed of decision. Quickly drag on a chessboard, horizontally or vertically, the yellow, green and red marbles, to be moved one against the others. Destroy all the balls by make them colliding with those of the same color. Prevents marbles of different color touch…

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A mix of combat and zombie 3D First-Person-Shooter (FPS) in a frightening and claustrophobic environment. Kill all zombies and soldiers collecting new weapons, medikit, coins and more. 16 levels, including boss level, and more to come. Destroy tanks and UFOs with bazooka. Marine level where you drive a rubber dinghy on the sea around islands popu…

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Learning to read music on your smartphone is amusing as a fun game for all ages! Choose from the many options: bass clef or treble clef, the percentage of altered notes with sharps and flats, the number of rounds that make up each game, the position of notes (notes on the staves, below or above staves, or a combination of options). Magically appear…

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