Thanos Fisherman

  • Greek WPA Finder

    Greek WPA Finder




    This Utility is intended for use inside Greece and with Greek Routers ONLY. For a wider range of router brands please consider using RouterKeygen or similar app. Η Εφαρμογή πραγματοποιεί Ανάκτηση ΕΡΓΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΚΩΝ κωδικών από ΣΥΓΚΕΚΡΙΜΕΝΕΣ μάρκες router και σας βοηθάει να δοκιμάσετε την ασφάλεια του...

  • Shredometer - Note Counter

    Shredometer - Note Counter




    Are you a musician? Are you a metronome freak? You like shredding a lot? Then This app is for you! It can calculate how many Notes Per Second (NPS) you can reach by a given number of bpm (beats per minute). You can now break your own speed limits or compare your technique skills to others and...

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