Thanos Fisherman

  • WiFi Sherlock - WiFi Finder




    WiFi Sherlock helps you discover wifi keys from venues around your location (i.e coffee shops, gyms, shopping centers etc). Are you near a coffee shop that offers wifi services to its customers? WiFi Sherlock will know and give you the wifi key (if there is any). All the keys are shared by USERS...

  • Shredometer - Note Counter




    Are you a musician? Are you a metronome freak? You like shredding a lot? Then This app is for you! It can calculate how many Notes Per Second (NPS) you can reach by a given number of bpm (beats per minute). You can now break your own speed limits or compare your technique to others and test your...

  • Greek WPA Finder




    This app is originally intended for use inside Greece as it can recover default WPA Keys of specific router brands that are popular in Greece thus helping you test your network security. If you are not located inside Greece you can still try your luck with this app but don't be mad if it...

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