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  • Arrange Quiz

    Arrange Quiz




    Check your knowledge with “Arrange Quiz”. This is a fastest moving quiz categorized into four classes Bollywood, Geography, Hindi and English Proverbs. This is best Quiz Trivia with four options which are scrambled and you have to arrange them in series according to descending and ascending...

  • Maxabout Mobiles

    Maxabout Mobiles




    Maxabout Mobiles allows smartphone users to browse, quickly search, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends and make purchases on,, Naaptol etc. With this Android app, you can buy exclusive mobile deals which are limited in stock on above given sites. To...

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Pro

    Keyboard Shortcuts Pro




    Using Keyboard Shortcuts on a daily basis is the mother of all productivity techniques. With this project, we are building a Reference Database with the goal to cover as many Applications on as many Platforms, and in as many Languages as possible, to get millions of users out there to be more...

  • Fun Facts

    Fun Facts




    Did you know that the human body produces its own supply of alcohol naturally on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Did you know that the world's oldest known recipe is for beer? The app allows you to browse through a huge collection of Fun Facts, over 5000 facts. Stuff...

  • Cool Status

    Cool Status




    A collection of over 5000 cool status messages for your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles. You can use the app to share the messages using SMS and Email OR directly post the message on your Facebook profile page. Features ------------------------------------------ - Over 500 images to make...

  • Helplines





    A list of helplines and toll free numbers for India. The application can get you the contact you need case you need help anywhere in India. We have categorized the contacts on the basis of services and locations. New contacts are added every week. The application keeps the contacts within the...

  • Maxabout SMS

    Maxabout SMS




    A collection of over 100,000 SMS from Most of the SMS are submitted by Maxabout users and have been manually checked and approved for quality. The SMS picks live content from the website to get you the most recent additions online. The app comes with features: - Can directly...

  • TellyBeat





    The TellyBeat application provides easy access to information on TV shows in India. You can use the app to set reminders for your favorite shows as well. Application Features: Cast and Crew Details TV Show Videos and Episodes Browse by category or genre View TV Show Schedule for Today

  • Maxabout Videos

    Maxabout Videos




    Have fun watching thousands of videos with our “Maxabout Videos” app. You can browse as many as videos under multiple categories like Bikes, Cars, mobiles, movies, cartoons, TV shows and many more. You can entertain yourself with “Maxabout Videos” app. This app is collection of wide range of most...

  • Quizmaster





    Do you know all about Bollywood Celebrities? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Test how much you know playing QUIZ MASTER, the fast moving quiz about Celebrity facts and life style. Quiz Master is one of the best quiz Trivia with question and...

  • QuoteIdea Quotes

    QuoteIdea Quotes




    Easy and fast access to a collection of quotes at This version includes a collection of 300,000 quotes, as available on The quotes can be shared social networks, like Facebook and Google Plus and using SMS or WhatsApp. Top Features Include: - Can schedule quotes to...

  • Movie Reviews

    Movie Reviews




    Latest Hollywood and Bollywood movie reviews from the top reviewers online, in one place. You can view the ratings and verdict within the application and read the full review by visiting the website. We try and include reviews from some of the best sources online and provide an easy and fast...

  • WordSkill





    Discover how fast you are to grab words out of alphabets. Mentally challenge yourself and find out whether you are really good at spelling and vocabulary. It's fun, competitive, more interesting and exhilarating than any other word game you have ever played. Try to make as many word...

  • Commands Library Pro

    Commands Library Pro




    The application is an attempt to collect all utility commands at one place, for as many software, operating systems and other devices as possible. The application has over 2500 commands right now, including: Android Terminal Commands Apache Hadoop Commands Apple Siri Commands AutoCAD Commands...

  • Odd One Out!

    Odd One Out!




    This is totally new and interesting Quiz game: Pick the “Odd One Out”! There are four option, out of which three option are related to each other but the fourth option you will get is the odd one, totally different from other three and that is your correct answer. You have to lock your answer...

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