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  • RevivePix


    Take your photos and videos and revive them in this 3D experience! Currently, this service is by invitation... Request yours today: mstringham AT gmail DOT com. *** NOTE: A REAR-facing camera is IDEAL. Most phones have these. Many tablets do as well. ***

  • A B See




    A B See The Visual Alphabet (for all ages) ** WORKS BEST with a REAR-FACING CAMERA** Enjoy learning the alphabet (and numbers) through visual associations, using: upper & lowercase letters, photographs, sounds, 3D objects, a memory game, and a geo-location experience. The numbers are only...

  • Wireless Radioactive Locator


    Wireless Radioactive Locator has been used to triangulate wireless (cell phone, WiFi, etc.) and radioactive (Radon, Uranium etc.) sources. The configuration of wireless receivers or radioactive detectors is in a simple triangular pattern and requires no calibration as it's solution includes...

  • iCount




    Use iCount to count just about anything: attendance, scores, votes, goals, points, laps, sports events, etc. - large count button - email/sms count option - choice of sound effects - day and night modes - lock screen - long-press value to enter specific starting value - fixed portrait...

  • Caroling




    Learn and Sing Christmas Carols! * Read Lyrics for all verses ** Sing along with words *** See Note playback in real-time (All 4 parts!) Notes light up as they are played. You can see it and hear it live! Custom-built music playing engine. A dozen songs to choose from! Learn to sing your...

  • Recipes Remix


    Easy to use Cookbook - for phone and tablet. 200+ recipes 50+ full color photos A remix of classic recipes that you're sure to love, whether for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any time. Categories include: - Appetizers and Sauces - Breakfast - Main Dish - Soups and Salads - Breads - Desserts...

  • UnCanny: The Air Puzzle




    Use your own hand to solve puzzles in the air! UnCanny for Android uses computer vision techniques to interact with puzzles and the real-world in real-time... Use your camera and image tracking to play games! Note: requires the FREE app "OpenCV Manager" to accomplish the computer...

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