Thayer Solutions

  • Stock Risk/Reward Calc


    Calculate risk/reward and cost covered prices for stock purchases using share price, capital investment, cost to buy and sell, and loss and profit targets. Settings allow rounding preferences for share quantities, risk, cost, and reward prices.

  • The Electricians Tool Pouch TB


    The Electricians Tool Pouch 2011 - Tool Box *CU to AL THHN copper wire to aluminum conversion - Selectable: 75, 90 deg. C conductor insulation temperature rating, conduit type, and three-phrase four-wire with ground wire configurations Calculates: Conduit size for copper wire Calculates:...

  • Voltage Drop


    Voltage Drop 2011 *Voltage Drop - This calculation solves voltage drop for a circuit or feeder specified Load Amperage, Phase, Voltage, Conductor -size – material – temperature, Raceway material, Ambient Temperature, Length and Power Factor based on NEC Chapter 9, tables 8 and 9. The output...

  • The Electricians Tool Pouch T


    The Electricians Tool Pouch 2011 - Tables *Wire Ampacity - calculates ampacities of not more than three current-carrying insulated conductors up to 2000 volts in a raceway, cable, or directly buried with corrections for more than three current-carrying conductors and ambient temperature. *Box...

  • Short Circuit Analysis


    Short Circuit Analysis Point-To-Point Method for Systems up to 600V *Service - Short-Circuit Current Calculations at Utility Transformer secondary and /or On Site Energy sources. Including to the Main Service Switch/Distribution Equipment. *Distribution - Short-Circuit Current calculations...

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