The Barman Bros.

  • CS Browser

    CS Browser




    -> Very fast ans seamless smooth web browsing. -> Full JavaScript enabled. -> Big but smart elegant user friendly UI. -> Low memory usage. -> Extremely robust. -> Automatically prompts for WiFi and/or Mobile Data connection on start. -> Leave the device state as it was before...

  • Widget Torch

    Widget Torch




    -> Usable from Lock Screen | Key Guard if you add the "Widget Torch" Widget on your empty Lock Screen Widget placeholder (Android 4.2 or later required). -> Extremely robust. -> Widget deployment is fully static. -> No memory leak. -> Widget area is fully resizable. ->...

  • Zero Browser

    Zero Browser




    Features: -> Easy to use user friendly UI. -> Robust. -> Asks for "Enable Mobile Data" when not enabled. -> Automatically detects & enables "Background Data" if not enabled. -> Low memory usage. New in Latest Version 2.1: -> Added automatic WiFi...

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