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    Micro CPU Monitor

    An ultra-tiny CPU monitor for Android. Only one pixel high! Shows your CPU usage stats on a small bar graph in the corner of the screen. The bar can be as small as 1 pixel high. CPU use is shown as a percentage filled with color. *Compatible with HTC One X and Galaxy S3 Quad-Core Phones* Features include: + Custom foreground & background col…

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    Download Tap That! Number Tap That! Number icon
    Tap That! Number

    An addictive number tapping game for Android. Try to tap all the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can! Compare your score with others from around the world and compete for the top spot, with Scoreloop. Memory Mode - tiles are hidden, and revealed for a moment when tapped. Remember the position of each number to get a high score! Features: * F…

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    Download Upside Down Camera Upside Down Camera icon
    Upside Down Camera

    Ever wanted to know what the world looks like upside down? Now you can see for yourself! This app shows a live camera view for your front or back facing camera. But unlike all the other *boring* apps, this one shows the image upside down! It's fascinating to walk around the house and see every-day objects upside down. And good luck trying to…

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    Download Social Invites Plus Social Invites Plus icon
    Social Invites Plus

    Do you want early access to the Google+ social network, an exclusive new website for sharing content with your friends? Download this app to request an invitation from the guys who are already inside. --Note-- Google+ is now open to everyone! No invite is required. However, you can still download this app if you'd like to be added to my circle…

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    Download Simple Quotes Simple Quotes icon
    Simple Quotes

    Clean and simple app to display random quotes. Nothing complex, nothing confusing or distracting. Just the quotes, and three buttons: * Next Quote * Previous Quote * Random Quote The color scheme is chosen to be easy to read and "organic" in appearance - just like a book. This app was built as part of a tutorial for makingmoneywithandr…

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    Download Revenue Monitor for Tapjoy Revenue Monitor for Tapjoy icon
    Revenue Monitor for Tapjoy

    Track your earnings from the Tapjoy advertising network. This app uses the Tapjoy reporting API to display details about your registered apps in real time. Stats include: * Revenue * Active Users * New Users * Daily Sessions You'll need to enter your email address, and API key (which can be found under your account settings on the website).…

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    Download Best Flashlight HD Best Flashlight HD icon
    Best Flashlight HD

    The best flashlight app on the market! This simple and effective app saves you ever needing a torch again. Features: * Low battery drain - most efficient flashlight app available * Easy to use * Two torch modes - camera flash, and white screen * High quality graphics * No ads! That's right - this app has absolutely no advertising. Zero. Zilc…

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