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Micro CPU Monitor

An ultra-tiny CPU monitor for Android. Only one pixel high! Shows your CPU usage stats on a small bar graph in the corner of the screen. The bar can be as small as 1 pixel high. CPU use is shown as a percentage filled with color. *Compatible with HTC One X and Galaxy S3 Quad-Core Phones* Features include: + Custom foreground & background col…

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Making Money with Android Blog

How to Make Money with Android. Official app for the popular website === NEW: Get the official forums app! === Follow one developer on his journey to making a profit from Android apps. The goal: $1000 per month. Find the latest tips, tricks and programming examples. Get complete access to…

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Pepper Spray

Are you being attacked by swarms of non-violent protesters? Now you can protect yourself against silent, sitting citizens. This MK-9 Magnum Pepper Spray is defense force grade. Vegetable spray. It's even probably, maybe, good for them! Includes realistic sound effects. Just touch the screen to start the spray. Lift your finger to release. Coul…

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Tap That! Number

An addictive number tapping game for Android. Try to tap all the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can! Compare your score with others from around the world and compete for the top spot, with Scoreloop. Memory Mode - tiles are hidden, and revealed for a moment when tapped. Remember the position of each number to get a high score! Features: * F…

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Making Money With Android

The official Making Money With Android Forums app. * Access the leading community for Android development & app monetization. * Enjoy a slick mobile interface & push notifications. * Compare & discuss ad networks based on real-life income figures. * Share your experiences with other developers. * Promote your Android apps. == Ad Netwo…

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Upside Down Camera

Ever wanted to know what the world looks like upside down? Now you can see for yourself! This app shows a live camera view for your front or back facing camera. But unlike all the other *boring* apps, this one shows the image upside down! It's fascinating to walk around the house and see every-day objects upside down. And good luck trying to…

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Social Invites Plus

Do you want early access to the Google+ social network, an exclusive new website for sharing content with your friends? Download this app to request an invitation from the guys who are already inside. --Note-- Google+ is now open to everyone! No invite is required. However, you can still download this app if you'd like to be added to my circle…

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Download CPU Usage Live Wallpaper FREE CPU Usage Live Wallpaper FREE icon
CPU Usage Live Wallpaper FREE

This elegant wallpaper shows the current CPU usage on your phone, using a blend of colors from green to red. Tell at a glance whether some rogue application is running down your battery with background processing. If your home screen is green, everything's good. But when it fades to orange, or even red, something's up! The colors & sa…

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Micro CPU Monitor PRO Key

NOTE: This is only the Unlocker Key. You MUST install the full app for this to work! Download from An ultra-tiny CPU monitor for Android. Only one pixel high! This app unlocks the PRO functionality of the original app, including extra features & customization. Once you purchase t…

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Download Simple Quotes Simple Quotes icon
Simple Quotes

Clean and simple app to display random quotes. Nothing complex, nothing confusing or distracting. Just the quotes, and three buttons: * Next Quote * Previous Quote * Random Quote The color scheme is chosen to be easy to read and "organic" in appearance - just like a book. This app was built as part of a tutorial for makingmoneywithandr…

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