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Download Micro CPU Monitor Micro CPU Monitor icon

Micro CPU Monitor

An ultra-tiny CPU monitor for Android. Only one pixel high! Shows you...

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Download Troll Face Camera Troll Face Camera icon

Troll Face Camera

Turn your friends into trolls! This augmented reality app modifies you...

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Download Tap That! Number Tap That! Number icon

Tap That! Number

An addictive number tapping game for Android. Try to tap all the numb...

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Download Pepper Spray Pepper Spray icon

Pepper Spray

Are you being attacked by swarms of non-violent protesters? Now you ca...

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Download Social Invites Plus Social Invites Plus icon

Social Invites Plus

Do you want early access to the Google+ social network, an exclusive n...

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Download Upside Down Camera Upside Down Camera icon

Upside Down Camera

Ever wanted to know what the world looks like upside down? Now you can...

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Download Best Mirror Best Mirror icon

Best Mirror

A mirror. Nothing more, nothing less. Uses the front facing camera to...

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