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  • Ita Subs Notifier




    Quante volte sei in attesa dei sottotitoli delle serie tv? Questa app ti manderà una notifica ogni qualvolta una community di fansub (tra Itasa, subsfactory, subspedia, myItSubs, Subs Cloud, TV24/7, Hashsubs e Subs4you) rilascerà i sottotitoli delle tue serie tv preferite per il formato...

  • Message in a Bottle


    You know how it works when you put a message into a bottle and you throw it to the ocean? Well with this application you will be able to do it...without the ocean and without any real bottle! Basically you can send or receive a message; the cool thing is that the messages sent are received...

  • TheForce.Net Reader



    FREE App will always keep you up-to-date with the latest news published on the best Star Wars news site. You will even be able to share your favourite articles, and get a notification everytime a news is posted. Download this app, you will!

  • Random Cats




    Random cats allows you to see random pictures of cats from the internet! You can then share or save them to your device; it's even possible to set a picture as wallpaper. You can now spend hours looking at pictures of what you like the most!

  • Stat Calculator




    Stat Calculator allows you to quickly and simply calculate the most commonly used statistical functions, and lets you save the entered values. It’s even possible to select just the required statistics, so you can customize your app. Statistical functions supported: - Arithmetic Mean - First...

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