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  • The Economist World in Figures




    •A data-rich compendium of country indices and rankings on the economy and society •Our intellectually-addictive Factquest quiz game and a new Fact of the Day every morning •A country comparison tool, Chartmaker, that lets you create your own charts from the data •New content from The Economist...

  • Economist Anthology Series




    The Economist Anthology Series provides rich analysis on key issues impacting our world today. The collection of Economist articles, video and infographics delves into the top developments in each field. From nuclear power, memory chips, education policies to climate science, enrich your...

  • Traveller Briefings




    An essential backgrounder for travellers from the authoritative global publication The Economist, including downloadable data from The Economist Intelligence Unit

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    The Economist is the official app of the globally well-known magazine

  • The World in 2015




    The World in 2015, the latest in The Economist's annual collection of predictions, identifies and explores the issues that will shape the year ahead. Prominent figures from politics, finance, economics, business, science and the arts, join journalists from The Economist and other leading...

  • The Economist Espresso




    •A new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist •Brand new content delivered 5 days a week •Free to download with access to one article daily for non-subscribers The Economist Espresso is a new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist. Delivered to your smartphone or inbox...

  • Economist GMAT Tutor




    Economist GMAT Tutor is a comprehensive course that saves time by focusing on what you need to know. Our Android app complements the online course by enabling you to access lessons from anywhere. •Study online or offline with app-based learning modules that will save your progress •Never miss a...

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