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Tarot Sampler

The Fool’s Dog has conjured a cornucopia of Tarot, a Tarot Sampler for your pleasure. A rainbow assortment of cards from ten Tarot decks make up the Tarot Sampler. Each card is linked with the full, unedited card meaning from its book. Here you will find a taste of our Tarot offerings, combined to form a fully functional eclectic Tarot deck. The T…

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Tarot Sampler II

The Fool’s Dog proudly presents a dazzling Tarot Sampler, a tapestry of Tarot composed of cards from ten different decks. Each card includes the full, unedited card meaning from its book. Here you will find gems from our treasure house of electronic Tarot, the best of ten decks showcased by our intuitive, elegant Tarot software. The Tarot Sampler…

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Wildwood Tarot

Enter the Wildwood, and take a mystical journey rich in shamanic wisdom and forest lore. Inspired by the mythology of pre-Celtic Europe, the pack of 78 exquisite cards and the accompanying book guide you back to a time of ancestral wisdom and Earth mysteries. In the Wildwood, our partnership with archetypal characters and magical creatures is as na…

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Witches Tarot

Witches Tarot opens a world of 21st century magick to all who dare to enter! Witches Tarot updates the classic RWS imagery to reflect today’s beliefs and practices, making it ideal for modern magickal practitioners. But Witches Tarot deck is not for Witches and Wiccans only. Every symbolic element in the cards deepens the meaning and adds to unders…

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Druid Oracle Cards

Animals and plants are guardians, healers, teachers, guides and friends in the world of the Druid Oracles. The timeless images in this pack invite us into a mystical world where animals and plants speak to us directly. Explore the folklore and mythology of each animal and plant, discover their virtues and qualities. Now used for meditation, divinat…

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Shadowscapes Tarot

Enter a fantastical realm of shadowy dreams, a world where butterflies float on shimmering mist, mythical beasts dance in air, and dryads sing from hallowed oaks. Weaving together Asian, Celtic, and fantasy art, Shadowscapes Tarot is loosely based on the Rider-Waite Smith imagery. Renowned artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law has infused this deck with sym…

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Steampunk Tarot

With a turn of the wheel and a spin of the cog, the oracular machinery of Barbara Moore’s Steampunk Tarot lumbers into action. Fantastically illustrated by Aly Fell, The Steampunk Tarot is an electric marriage of science and alchemy, nature and technology, human and machine. 78 evocative cards radiantly retool the images from Pamela Colman Smith’…

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DruidCraft Tarot

Celebrate the beauty of the Earth and the rhythms of the seasons with the DruidCraft Tarot. The glowing images evoke the world of the Bards and Druids of old, inspired by Divine Nature. The familiar Tarot archetypes are here invested with ancestral power and numinous mystery, a potent tool for divination and spiritual exploration. *Gorgeous full s…

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Discover why Tarot readers everywhere are branching out to Lenormand! Here you will find two versions of the Dondorf Lenormand deck: the first printing from 1873, as well as a printing from the second set of engraving plates in 1878. The images in Lenormand are simpler, more straightforward, and easier to interpret than Tarot. In Lenormand, cards…

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Gaian Tarot

Deeply rooted in reverence for our planet, Gaian Tarot takes us into a lush world of nature spirituality. Here, you will find starry-eyed mysticism balanced with earthy practicality. The images of multicultural people and the natural world portray an ordinary, everyday divinity. These contemporary archetypes speak directly to our modern lives, whil…

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