The Guardian Project

  • Checkey: info on local apps




    Checkey is a utility for getting information about the APKs that are installed on your device. Starting with a list of all of the apps that you have installed on your device, it will show you the APK signature with a single touch, and provides links to and to...

  • ChatSecure




    Free unlimited, encrypted and private messaging with your friends over Google Talk/Hangouts, Facebook Chat, Dukgo, Jabber & more! Works with Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux or PC. ★ EFF rates as most secure: ★ PC Mag “100 Best Android Apps of...

  • Location Privacy - BETA




    LocationPrivacy is not really app but rather a set of "Intent Filters" for all of the various ways of sharing location. When you share location from one app, LocationPrivacy offers itself as an option. It then recognizes insecure methods of sharing location, and then converts them to...

  • Orweb: Private Web Browser




    Orweb is the most privacy-enhancing web browser on Android for visiting any website, even if it’s normally censored, monitored, or on the hidden web. ★ ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES: Orweb is the safest browser on Android. Period. Orweb evades tracking and censorship by bouncing your encrypted traffic...

  • StoryMaker 1




    Creating great stories is now easier than ever with StoryMaker. Our unique templates, overlays, and lessons guide you through the entire creative process. StoryMaker lets you edit your content right on your mobile, making it even easier to finish your story. Once you've finished, StoryMaker...

  • Courier: Secure News Reader




    ★★★ BETA BETA BETA: THIS IS OUR FIRST PUBLIC BETA RELEASE. PLEASE REPORT BUGS AT: ★★★ Courier is a mobile RSS news reader with enhanced security features, offline reading and sharing capability. We've designed it to be fast and light on...

  • Gnu Privacy Guard




    GnuPrivacyGuard (GPG) brings GnuPG, the most trusted name in encryption, to Android. Easily encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files of any kind, just by sharing them to GPG. This app aims to provide a complete, integrated crypto toolkit integrated into the Android experience. GPG provides solid...

  • ChatSecure: Voice Messaging




    *** This is a plugin for the free ChatSecure app. It does not have any function on its own *** For Your Ears Only... completely private, end-to-end encryption voice message recording, sending, receiving and playback. 0 For use with ChatSecure's encrypted "Off-the-record" data...

  • ChatSecure: Open Emoji Plugin




    Requires ChatSecure for Android: Adds support for core emoji input and display. Based on "Phantom Open Emoji" project from: License and Use This project is...

  • PixelKnot: Hidden Messages




    Have a secret that you want to share? Why not hide it in a picture? With PixelKnot, only your friends with the secret password can unlock your special message. Everyone else just sees a pretty picture. It’s a fun and easy way to share hidden messages without anyone knowing. Take those pixels,...

  • CACertMan




    Allow user on ROOTED devices to browse, search, backup, restore and delete SSL Root Authority certificates from their Android cacerts.bks keystore. Designed to address the hacks to root CAs such as Diginotar. Tags: Diginotar, Comodo, CACerts

  • NoteCipher




    This is a simple open-source notepad app which demonstrates the capability of the SQLCipher for Android encrypted database library. All notes created and stored by this app are saved fully secured using industry standard 256-bit AES encryption. They are never stored in an unencrypted state on the...

  • ObscuraCam: The Privacy Camera




    In a world of viral videos and facial recognition, ObscuraCam helps you share photos and videos while protecting the privacy of you and those you care about. With ObscuraCam you can blur and disguise faces in your photos and videos. Information that could identify you as the cameraperson is...

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