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  • Flashlight





    This app is the original best selling Flashlight with more than 10 million downloads on other platforms, now available on Android. You get a super fast flashlight that will stay on, and let you lock it on, as well as few other great tools. - A magnifier which lets you zoom in on items so you...

  • Gadget Box

    Gadget Box




    Gadget Box gives you three great tools in one app, with more to come over time. - A fully featured flashlight. This flashlight has an on/off button which can be locked so you don't accidentally turn it off in the dark. You can also push a button to get softer light using the front screen....

  • Remote for iTunes Pro -FREE

    Remote for iTunes Pro -FREE




    Simple one-button setup over Wifi. No extra PC/Mac software required. Completely free. Remote For iTunes Pro isn’t some stripped down, do-nothing app. In fact, you can surf through your music downloads like you channel surf from the couch. Quick, easy and simply simple. •Use Android’s Wi-Fi...

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