The Joy Factory

  • Christmas Puzzle Calendar Game




    Christmas Puzzle Calendar is a magical Christmas story. Count down until Christmas by solving illustrated puzzles, one for each day, just like on your favorite advent calendar! Well, we bet this one is going to become your favorite :-) Why? Well, this Christmas Puzzle Calendar includes: ★ Lots...

  • Beat Jump Music Game




    You feel like playing some great game and listening music at the same time? With Beat Jump, jump on the music beats made of your favorite songs stored on your device! Get into the role of the little ball and try to jump faster and higher! This awesome game even visually follows the genre and...

  • Christmas Snow Globe Countdown




    Christmas Snow Globe Countdown ★ shake device to churn up flakes ★ real physics ★ great graphics with art design ★ countdown widget ★ flying Santa Make your waiting for Christmas much more interesting!

  • Virtual Match Fire




    Virtual Match Realistic match simulation! ★ Strike the match on matchbox with your finger ★ Move the match around the screen ★ Turn your device to maintain fire ★ Move match quickly to extinguish the match ★ Blowing on microphone will also extinguish the match ★ Or you can extinguish the match...

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