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Call Waiting Ringtones free

Plays music over your phones call-waiting beep also can Create your own Ringtone. DON'T FORGET: Also check out our related product that speaks during a call-waiting instead of a ringtone (could be handy to never have to lift your ear off the phone to know who's calling). Its called Call Waiting Announcer in our app section. We also ha…

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Call Waiting Announcer Free

This app says the callers name out loud during a call-waiting. introduction: Call-Waiting Announcer. Finally a way to never have to lift the phone off your ear to know who is calling you during a calll-waiting. Introducing Stick man's Call-Waiting announcer. How it works: When you receive a call-waiting if the person calling is one of you…

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Download Call Waiting Ringer free Call Waiting Ringer free icon
Call Waiting Ringer free

Plays a sound or vibrates when a call waiting is received. Also new feature you can now play a ringtone on a outgoing call. When you speak into the mic the sound stops. Very convenient way not to miss a call-waiting when there is loud noise nearby. It works for text messages during a call-waiting too. Very easy and clear setup and user inter…

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Download Call Music Call Music icon
Call Music

Plays melody on outgoing and call-waiting phone calls. Also, included is a wearable feature app which makes your watch vibrate differently on the same situation. If you like this app, then you might also enjoy our other app that announces the callers name during a second call event.

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Download Lock Screen Tags free Lock Screen Tags free icon
Lock Screen Tags free

Reminder on Lock. Add reminder tags on top of lock screen or add a call waiting ring tone. Welcome to Reminder On Lock for Android. A new way to remind yourself. Ever missed a call because the call-waiting notification volume was too low ? Have you ever wished for a call-waiting personal ringtone ? Or have you ever been on a call after the phone l…

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Download Cat Caller Cat Caller icon
Cat Caller

Make a Psst sound to get someone’s attention. Its the same as a Cat Call. Seems most developers have a free button on here so thought I would also add my own version. Psst definition from the urban dictionary:Used mostly in quiet circumstances to obtain the attention of another person. Occasionally used in a loud, sarcastic tone in a situation…

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Download Child-Proof Painting Child-Proof Painting icon
Child-Proof Painting

Allow kids to draw with no access to phone. Introducing an easy way to keep your child occupied while trusting he/she will be unable to get into your phone. Child-Proof painting is a digital coloring book for children which locks all buttons on your phone in order to prevent your child from exploring your phone and doing unnecessary harm. If an…

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Download Bluetooth Broadcasting tool Bluetooth Broadcasting tool icon
Bluetooth Broadcasting tool

BT BROADCASTER is a great way to make friends nearby. Ever wanted to approach someone within 30 feet of you but never had the confidence. Now you dont have to worry about feelings of rejection. Allow BT BROADCASTER to do it for you. By using Bluetooth technology available person(s) nearby you who have a visible Bluetooth enabled mobile device wi…

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Download Android RecyclerView w/Volley Android RecyclerView w/Volley icon
Android RecyclerView w/Volley

A demo Android Studio project using DUCKDUCKGO api to make webservice calls with Android Volley. Parses the output and displays each item in a android CardView all hosted in a RecyclerView. Also shows an example how to extend Application to make Volley globally available. Also added Palette vibrant color example. Click on a query result to get…

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Download OAuth Instagram connect Demo OAuth Instagram connect Demo icon
OAuth Instagram connect Demo

This is a demo app showing how we can use Volley to load network images retrieved from a Json response from instagram's webserice API here ---> Also shows how to retrieve access token from instagram. Note please swap client ID in code if checking out from github. The source code can be found here…

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