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  • Call Waiting Ringer

    Call Waiting Ringer




    Plays a sound when a call waiting is received. Very convenient way not to miss a call-waiting when there is loud noise nearby. Very easy and clear setup and user interface. Even a child can figure it out. There is a more complex version thats a little harder to use but richer features(like...

  • Reminder on Lock

    Reminder on Lock




    Reminder on Lock. Add reminder tags on top of lock screen or add a call waiting ring tone. Welcome to Reminder On Lock for Android. A new way to remind yourself. Ever missed a call because the call-waiting notification volume was too low ? Have you ever wished for a call-waiting personal...

  • Call Waiting Announcer Free

    Call Waiting Announcer Free




    This app says the callers name out loud during a call-waiting. We also have a really easy to use call-waiting ringtone program for those having a harder time using this one. check here: introduction:...

  • Call Waiting Ringtones free

    Call Waiting Ringtones free




    Plays music over your phones call-waiting beep also can Create your own Ringtone. DON'T FORGET: Also check out our related product that speaks during a call-waiting instead of a ringtone (could be handy to never have to lift your ear off the phone to know who's calling). Its called...

  • Web Stacker

    Web Stacker


    Load many websites at once. Modify background and web link colors for easier reading. Web Stacker allows you to add a very large comma separated list of websites and then surf them all at the same time. The app is also optimized for tablets allowing for versatile control. An interesting...

  • Massive communication lookup

    Massive communication lookup




    It allows you to enter in a large list of twitter user account names at once and retrieve the most recent tweets from . Rotate the device continues the same network call and shows a different view that might be easier to read.

  • Call-Blocker Stickman-Geo

    Call-Blocker Stickman-Geo




    A location based Call Blocker Android program. Block Clocks based on your current location or block calls at any location, its up to you. You can block by phone number or by selecting a contact name from your address book. If selecting from the contact list the entire contact will be blocked....

  • Reddit Lookup

    Reddit Lookup




    Lists Reddit posts, allows searching over different subreddits, and sharing. Lists are from the popular site -Has search suggestions built in and easy to read background tile.

  • Child-Proof Painting

    Child-Proof Painting




    Allow kids to draw with no access to phone. Introducing an easy way to keep your child occupied while trusting he/she will be unable to get into your phone. Child-Proof painting is a digital coloring book for children which locks all buttons on your phone in order to prevent your child from...

  • Nexus 4 Fix

    Nexus 4 Fix




    Nexus 4 issue while on a call unable to get back into device now resolved. On some LG Nexus 4 devices when on a call and the phone goes to sleep the sensor does not reactivate (wake up) the phone. You would have to press the power button to manually wake up the phone but what if you want your...

  • NFC StickMan share your apps

    NFC StickMan share your apps




    Introducing an easy and fun way to share the apps on your phone. Let StickMan share your apps for you. Stickman will use NFC's Android Beam (or S-beam) to bring the recipient to the Google play store. How to use: Place ANDROID phones back to back after selecting from the gallery of your...






    Allows others to hear your audio while on the phone on some Samsung and new Sony Ericsson phones. Besides that, its a music player that goes full screen on landscape mode and has a funny sound board. I made a toggle button that hangs so you can use it for hold music during a call. Thus whenver...






    UBP - social networking site now has a android version. A android app with a urban feel to it, allows for messaging,searching member profiles, friend requests. Allows member profiles with photos and thumb images. You are also able to listen to voice messages sent from...

  • Toronto StickMan Club Finder

    Toronto StickMan Club Finder


    Gives our latest recommendation for the best site to find daily dance club events in Toronto down town area.

  • Child-Proof Drawing

    Child-Proof Drawing




    Allow kids to draw with no access to phone. Kids can draw on a canvas without access to your phones features. Introducing an easy way to keep your child occupied while trusting he/she will be unable to get into your phone. Child-Proof drawing is a digital drawing board for children which...

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